5 Fabric Scrooge Tips

Today I've got some tips for you on how to get the most garments from your cuts of fabric.  If there was a hall of fame for the least amount of fabric wasted, you just might find me there!  In fact I've even got a series over at Skirt Fixation about classy ways to use fabric scraps.  Intervention may be necessary soon... From 2 yards of Desert Camouflage fabric, I made a tween ...

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Tips for Ponte

Office Appropriate Sheaths + Tips for Caring for Ponte

My fellow office dwellers all know that the holy grail of office attire is a combination of comfort and professionalism.  I think a great ponte dress is the perfect fit! For this dress I chose Cali Fabric's Seafoam Green Ponte de Roma and paired it with Pauline Alice's Aldaia Dress. This fabric has a beautiful rich color, which I love for spring and summer.  The seafoam green is new for me, but is a color ...

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A Casual 1920’s Dress in Chambray

Hi, readers! I've been a fan of 1920's fashion nearly my entire life, but it's only been the last five or six years that I have really gotten into actually sewing and wearing styles from that era.  All of my 20's garments thus far have been essentially costumes for themed events, but this time, I've made one that I'll actually wear in everyday life! In walks the Decades of Style 1920's Isabella ...

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It’s All About Texture: A Crinkle Knit Blackwood Cardigan

When I first started sewing, I was all about making clothes out of the coolest prints I could find. Now that I'm trying to make a more cohesive wardrobe, I find I'm leaning toward solids. But I still crave that little bit of "cool" since most people (or just me) think solids = boring. That's when texture comes into play! When the Blackwood Cardigan from Helen's Closet came out, I knew I ...

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Sewing for Tweens – Fabric Choices

After a little break in which I had a baby, I'm excited to be back to talk about sewing for tweens!  I have 2 kids in this age category, and 3 that have gone through it, so you might say I have a little experience!  In this post I'm going to share with you my experience on fabric to use in sewing for tweens. Choosing fabric for tweens boils down to what ...

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Filling Gaps

Hi Everyone! Wow. I just realized that the last time I was here I made a cardigan! You would think that I could at least try to be more original. The thing is, it's May. Me Made May is in full swing and come hell or high water....I was gonna be prepared this year! So here you have it....jeans and a cardi! My original plan was to make jeans and a ...

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Double Knit Lodo Dress

Double knit, double duty

When I was shopping for my next round of Cali  & Co posts, I came across this lovely textured double knit and just kept coming back to it again and again.  That was a sure sign it needed to be in my cart! It's a dramatic fabric, so I decided to pair it with a correspondingly simple pattern -- the new True Bias Lodo Dress.  This is a simple knit sheath with a slight ...

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