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30+ Tips for Sewing with Faux Fur


Cali Fabrics has a HUGE selection of faux fur!  There are over 100 faux furs in the Cali Fabrics shop!  To name a few, there’s Black Mongolian Faux Fur, Rabbit Luxury Faux Fur, White Snow Leopard Faux Fur, or maybe you’d prefer Green Gorilla Faux Fur.  I had the opportunity to sew up some animal vests for some of my kids.  I learned quite a few things sewing with faux fur.  If you read this before you attempt sewing with faux fur, you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble!

Getting Ready to Sew:

Before you start sewing with faux fur, you need to be prepared and to gather your supplies and equipment.  Here’s what I found to be the most helpful.

Sewing with Faux Fur:

Alright, after all that you may want to quit, but have no fear…the actual sewing part is here!  Here’s some ideas to make it go smoother:



Finishing Touches:


I used Golden Husky Faux Fur to make my sons their wolf vests.  They are absolutely smitten!   If you go over to my blog, you can see all 4 creatures I created!

Audrey is a mother of 7, loves skirts, and blogs over at Skirt Fixation.

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