5 Random Things I Sewed with Cali Knits

You know that drawer you have in the kitchen with all the random stuff in it? Rubber bands, pens, stamps, coupons, playing cards … ours also has a plastic baby from a King cake and a ball that looks like a bloodshot eye. Well this post is the kitchen drawer of the Cali blog today, a random assortment of goodies connected by nothing but the fact I made them recently with amazing knits from Cali Fabrics.

  1. Groovy Striped Dress.

The stripes give me major 70s vibes! But it also makes a cute everyday dress.

Fabric: Striped Double Brushed Poly Spandex. The stripes run parallel to the selvedge but with 4-way 125% stretch I just cut on crossgrain with no issues. You can find 184 more gorgeous double brushed polys here.

Pattern: Tie Dye Diva Patterns New York Minute Dress banded neckline, short sleeved view, shortened a bit from pattern length and with about 1″ of flare to the hem hoping to add a bit of breezy coolness during a Northern California heatwave.

2. Special Baby Set.

Because new fabric uploads and top-notch customer service at Cali Fabrics have not missed a beat, you might not know that Ron, aka King of Cali Fabrics, and his wife welcomed a new baby in August. I made a soft little set to welcome Winter to their Disney-loving family.

Fabric (top): Heather Gray with Pink Back French Terry Vinyl cut file from Etsy. Pattern, self-drafted.

Fabric: (pants and headband): Checkered cotton lycra jersey, out of stock. But don’t despair! This Checkered Double Brushed Poly is nearly identical. Patterns, self drafted. The headband bow is a long rectangle.

3. Striped Sleeve Shirt.

I made this cozy sweatshirt just last week from remnants of Cali Fabrics I had left over from sewing for myself. Colorblocking for the win!

Fabrics: sweatshirt knit and ribbed knit, both out of stock but there are all kinds of soft and cozy sweatshirtings here. I have my eye on that soft mint green!

Pattern: Tie Dye Diva Patterns Zee’s Tee. Stripes added with tutorial on the TDD blog.

4. I Feel Pretty Dress.

You know that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks? This is that dress. I’m most comfortable in black, and the neon floral pop keeps it fun.

Fabric: Black and Floral Crepe Liverpool and much more Liverpool here.

Pattern: Tie Dye Diva New York Minute again, faced neckline, short sleeved view with inset pockets and phone keeper tabs.

5. Stained Glass Skirt.

I live in maxi skirts! Love this pretty print.

My husband, taking this picture: looks good honey but the pocket’s really wrinkled
Me: It’s called ruching

Fabric: Stained Glass print rayon jersey Stretchy, comfy, perfect!

Pattern: Tie Dye Diva Mermaid Maxi, straight skirt view.

Thanks for letting me clean out my catch-all drawer today! Hope this inspires you to get sewing! Come hang with me on Instagram at @tiedyediva !

Jen H, from Tie Dye Diva

Jen creates PDF format sewing patterns for women, children and babies at www.tiedyedivapatterns.com

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