A Cocoon Sweater Showdown- Carrie Cardigan vs. P4P Cocoon Cardigan


It’s getting downright chilly here and I’m ready for it in my two new cozy sweaters.  While browsing the Cali site I was loving all the sweater knits in stock.  So many choices that I just had to grab a couple.  I started dreaming of oversized, snuggly cardigans and settled on two patterns to try.  The first is the Carrie Cardigan from Delia Creates.  I picked this absolutely amazing Blush Soft Waffle Sweater Knit , my favorite Cali fabric to date!


It’s slightly brushed on the wrong side and so plush and soft.  The color is perfect- a pale blush pink that fits so well in my wardrobe.  It was so perfect for this sweater.



The Carrie features two sleeve length options and two hem lengths.  I did the long hem/long sleeve version.  The only alteration I made was to widen my hem band an inch in hopes of keeping the band from flipping out.  It does still like to flip out at the front bottom hem- I think it’s just the nature of the cut of this pattern.  As you can see, the Carrie is very oversized and comfy.  As I sit here writing this up on this chilly morning, I’m really wishing I was wearing it!


It’s great for lounging around the house in ultimate comfort but it also looks great dressed up for running around the town.  I love a versatile piece!  The Carrie came together super quick.  The sleeves are sewn like a band to the main body and the edges are finished with a wide band meaning NO hemming!


The second cardigan I sewed up was a Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan.  It has a similar shape as the Carrie but much more fitted.  The form fitting sleeves really set it apart from the Carrie.  The Cocoon also has two hem lengths and sleeve lengths but it has two band widths to choose from giving you a few more looks to choose from.  All P4P patterns are no-trim making the pattern easy to assemble, too.


For this one I used this Black and White Micro Stripe Sweater knit.  It’s lightweight but makes a great layering piece.   It has great drape and worked so well for this pattern.  I love the tiny stripe- not too bold so it can pair easily with prints or solids.


Of the two silhouettes, I think this sweater is much more flattering.  It still feels cozy but not so huge and loose fitting.  I did the long sleeve version with the tall bands on the hem and sleeves.  I really love finishing sweater knit with bands- I find it hard to get a good crisp hem with out it being wavy and bands solve that issue quickly and easily.

I’m really into the longer length of these sweaters.  Mid-thigh sweaters are all over in stores and I love being able to make my own with great quality fabric.


Do you have a favorite cardigan pattern?  What do you think of the cocoon look?  Head on over to the Cali site to pick up some cozy sweater knit so you can get step up your cardigan game!


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4 thoughts on “A Cocoon Sweater Showdown- Carrie Cardigan vs. P4P Cocoon Cardigan”

  1. Very snugly, I like them both but the P4P one the best I think. I have some RTW ones that I will replace when they are worn out with that pattern I think, thanks, I love these comparison posts 🙂

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