Adding a Dusting of Pink to a Neutral Wardrobe

Jenny Maker McCalls 6084 Blush Cardigan 3

Hello again, friends! Has anyone else been reevaluating their wardrobe lately? Particularly now we’ve started a new year? I definitely have and I’m rather pleased with this latest addition.

For the last year or two, I’ve focused a lot of my sewing efforts on basic pieces in neutral colors. It’s great because I always reach for a handmade item first when dressing. But, that focus has been a stark contrast to the colorful dresses with which I started my sewing hobby. So, how to bring back a bit of color? Layers, of course! I’ve got big plans for cardigans, jackets, coats, etc, all sewn in color! But, what better one to start with than a buttery dusty rose knit? It’s like a baby step. Dusty rose (blush) is very on trend, but also versatile and has staying power (a must for anything I spend my precious sewing time on); it isn’t particularly loud, but definitely adds character to an outfit.

I actually had this pattern (it’s McCalls 6084) in mind when I ordered the fabric (a tricky idea sometimes with online ordering) and I was so pleased with how perfect for it it turned out to be. It’s lightweight, yet has a bit of substance, and it’s so soft and drapey without weighting itself down like some rayon knits can do (this one’s bamboo), which made it perfect for a longer waterfall like this. It wears beautifully and keeps it’s shape throughout the day. In fact, these photos were taken at the end of a full day of running around town. Just try to ignore the odd slant in the back view – my purse pulled it, and my shoulder, up. I promise the hem is even 😉

Jenny Maker McCalls 6084 Blush Cardigan 1Jenny Maker McCalls 6084 Blush Cardigan 5

The pattern itself is quite nice too. It came together really well. And quickly! Even if not quite the 1-hour it claims. It would probably be a good pattern for someone relatively new to knits. It’s designed for either knits or wovens, so it has some interesting seam finishes and could definitely be sewn entirely without a serger. Also a plus for newbies, the slightly dropped sleeves can be sewn in flat and don’t require extensive fitting. Just one tip though: if you’re planning to wear it as I am, with the front edge rolled back like a lapel, then I’d recommend folding the hem to the right side, since the wrong side is what will show. Otherwise, following the pattern will yield a rather nice product! I strongly suspect I’ll add more of these to my wardrobe sometime soon.

In case you can’t tell (haha), I’m really happy with my new throw-on-and-go bit of color!

It seems this fabric is now sold out, but you can find other bamboo knits here and more dusty roses here.

Oh! And that off-white tee I have underneath my lovely new cardi? It’s also sewn from an (organic!!) Cali fabric. I sewed this Sew Over It Molly Tee up about a year ago (one of those neutral basics I mentioned haha) and it has been in constant rotation ever since! I love that not only can I say that no human suffered to produce my tee, but that the environment didn’t either!

Jenny Maker Organic SOI Molly TopJenny Maker McCalls 6084 Blush Cardigan 8

Happy sewing! x

Jennifer M, from Jenny Maker

Hi! I’m Jennifer, or Jenny if you’d like, and I blog at Jenny Homemaker. I currently reside in Atlanta with my fiancé/sounding-board/photographer, Brandon, and fur baby/supervisor/photobomber, CoCo.

I started sewing in 2009 after a long-distance move, when it became clear I needed a new hobby. I was fearless, choosing a fully-lined, polyester satin, bubble-hem party dress as my first garment. As you might expect, it was a bit of a disaster and was never worn (we dubbed it the “shiny trash bag” dress), but I saw potential in the idea of sewing my own dresses and didn’t hesitate to jump back in.

What started as a way to pass the time has turned into one of the things I’m most passionate about! I’m well on my way to having a fully handmade wardrobe, sewing everything from lounge clothes to silk dresses! When I’m not sewing, I’m learning. When I’m not learning, I’m planning.

Since fabric is such a great part of sewing (sometimes the best part, right!?), I’m really looking forward to being a part of the Cali Fabrics team, sharing some amazing fabrics and helpful tips with you!

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    1. Thanks!! It’s not a color I have a lot of either, but I really like it! It’s a more “grown up” pink, which makes it a nice way to throw in a little variety. I hope you give a go. I’d love to see what you make 🙂

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