Tips For Sewing With Jersey Knit (And A Few Free Patterns)

I love sewing with knits! They are primarily what I use for most of my projects. They're soft and comfortable which makes for great clothing in my opinion. Here are a few tips that, in my experience, are useful when it comes to sewing with Jersey knit. 1. Spray starch makes it easier to work with light weight Jersey knits.  Lightweight Jersey knits are often drapey, and consequently, a little more tricky to cut out and to ...

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8 Tips For Sewing With Lace

There are so many uses for lace in sewing. Accents, trims, overlays, even entire lace garments! I’m kind of lace obsessed, and I use it on so many things. I often hear that lace can be intimidating though. How are you supposed to work with it? It has all those holes and it's a super thin fabric. Well, here are a few tips that I’ve learned that may be useful ...

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