Filling Gaps

Hi Everyone! Wow. I just realized that the last time I was here I made a cardigan! You would think that I could at least try to be more original. The thing is, it's May. Me Made May is in full swing and come hell or high water....I was gonna be prepared this year! So here you have it....jeans and a cardi! My original plan was to make jeans and a ...

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cozy sweater

Cozy Cardigan

Hi Everyone! I'm back again with this cozy cream cardigan. Becca from Free Notion made a gorgeous Toaster sweater from this same knit and wrote about its tricky nature. Her tips are spot on!! She put together a fantastic go read it! The big difference between Becca's use of this knit and mine is the direction of the cables. she put hers vertically which gives it nice stretch and movement ...

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creating in the gap plaid tunic

Plaid Tunic

    So this is probably the last time this dress will be on my body...not because I don't like it...but because once my daughter saw it and told me she loved it... well... I gave it to her as soon as I took it off. Gotta keep your photographer happy right!? I'm always thrilled when my girls like something that I've made, it's so flattering! So what's up with me and rayon ...

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Brushstroke Branches

A while back, Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow was handing out challenges and I put up my hand, shouting " Me! Me! Give me a sewing challenge!". My I thought sewing silk would be quite the challenge...slippery, slinky fabric trying to run away from me with every stitch.... but it seems that the real challenge was finding some nice silk to purchase... After checking out my local store... with no ...

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Hi! I’m Margo

Hi Everyone! I'm Margo. Sewing is my passion and I share my journey of creating a handmade wardrobe on my blog Creating In The Gap. I live on the beautiful east coast of Canada with my favorite husband and grown kiddos...close by. I started sewing at the age of four...(I caught the bug early!)...sewing buttons on every scrap of fabric I could find. I continued to sew crafty things like pillows, ...

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