Tee for Two

As I was doing my daughters back to school shopping I ran into 2 different t-shirts that I just loved! And I knew I could easily recreate the look. And who doesn't love being able to sew clothes for their kids that is both trendy and well made? The first one I found at Children's Place and I loved the chiffon ruffle attached to the top. I used the Swiss Army Tee ...

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Hellooo! I’m Terra

Hellooo! I'm Terra from New Horizons Designs. I'm a mom of two crazy boys and one little princess. I spend my days breaking up light saber fights and attending tea parties. We also love our little pug Bella, who is definitely another member of the family. I grew up sewing from the time I was a little girl. And by the time I had my first son, I started branching into ...

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