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Recently, I had the opportunity to sew some summer clothes for my kids from the newest Project Run & Play pattern collection.  This collection is called Project Watercolor Beach,and it’s filled with perfect staple patterns for any summer adventure.  Of course I turned to CaliFabrics to get the best fabrics for kids summer beach clothes!  And of course I ended up wishing I’d ordered these fabrics for ME!


Let’s start with this super yummy Burgundy French Terry.  I chose it to sew up a Chromium Cropped Hoodie pattern to act as a swim coverup.  Instead of using a contrast fabric for the inside of the ears and the hem band, we decided to use the wrong side of the fabric for that.  We even “hemmed” the short sleeves by turning them to the right side instead of under to the wrong side!  I’ll admit that several times I did have to remind myself that the wrong side was now the right side on certain areas!


This is a great french terry to work with, and with those big comfy loops, this little hoodie is going to be one of her favorite things to wear all summer long.  (Head over to Skirt Fixation blog for a full review of the pattern and more pictures of that car!)


I mentioned that the hoodie was a swimsuit coverup, so of course I have to show you the swimsuit underneath!  It’s the Viridian swimsuit pattern from the Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection.  The pattern has the most adorable ruffle (which you can see better in the picture below) and so I had to use some fun pink and gold palm tree swim fabric from CaliFabrics.  (Currently out of stock, but this one is equally pink and has palm trees too!)

2 Viridians flat

Isn’t that the cutest ruffle swimsuit you’ve ever seen?  And those sides offer the chance for fun color blocking too!  The main mermaid fabric I used is silver on white holographic mermaid scale nylon/lycra fabric, and it’s heavenly!  Catch my review of the Viridian Swimsuit over at Skirt Fixation blog.  Want to see what else I used this adorable fabric for?  Of course you do…


For this little mermaid I sewed a Coral Wrap Skirt pattern from the collection and then used a little bit of the leftover silver on white holographic mermaid scale nylon/lycra fabric to make the mermaid’s tail on her t-shirt.  Speaking of that t-shirt, it’s also a pattern from the collection, the Lemon Tee.  The fabric on this Lemon Tee is cloud-like soft heather grey midweight rayon spandex jersey and white french terry, both from CaliFabrics, of course!


We ordered enough of this fabric to make a couple of t-shirts.  The fabric on this Lemon Tee is SUPER soft heather grey midweight rayon spandex jersey from CaliFabrics.  Let’s just say I want one of these in my size!  And with the little bit that was left…


Surprise!  Another Lemon Tee!  The fabric on this Lemon Tee is that deliciously soft heather grey midweight rayon spandex jersey and white french terry from CaliFabrics.  The yellow is up cycled from an old t-shirt!  The digital design is the Hammerhead Shark from the Project Watercolor Beach collection.

Oh, and his brother next to him?  It’s a Lemon Tee in white french terry and green premium cotton lycra jersey (similar here) both from Cali Fabrics.  These are both really super stable knit fabrics, great to work with and will stand up to lots of wear and tear.  The digital design is the Octopus design from the Project Watercolor Beach collection.  Yes, I made 5 different Lemon Tees in 5 different sizes, but who’s keeping track?  (All the details on the Skirt Fixation blog here.)


And the final fabric from CaliFabrics is this Dusty Plum Modal French Terry fabric.  I may or may not have shed a tear or two when I didn’t get to sew this up into something for myself.  Just sayin’  I sewed up a Coral Wrap Top (yes, the same pattern as the mermaid skirt shown above!  The pattern has a top, skirt and dress option!) and it’s absolutely heavenly.  You can read all about this pattern (including why I’m so proud of it) over on the Skirt Fixation blog.  Special thanks to Kalli June Photography for the beautiful photography.

Genevieve Collage

I’m not the only one who turned to CaliFabrics to sew up the Project Watercolor Beach collection!  Genevieve sewed up a whole mix and match capsule wardrobe, and it’s SO cute!  You see more of her creations in the lookbook here.

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