Bicycle Shower Curtain

Isn’t this bicycle print lawn just the cutest?

I love everything bicycle so I had to have some. Turns out that after moving to my new house in Austin, I also needed a shower curtain for my tub-style shower. This was a quick and simple sewing project that takes only a couple of hours, but made a huge difference to my bathroom. I paired the bicycles with a white lawn to balance out the dark navy.

Because of the direction the bicycles run on the fabric, I use two pieces to attain my desired width. I cut two pieces, each a yard long and sew them together with a felled seam. I start by sewing the wrong sides together at 5/8″. I then separate the layers and fold both seam allowances under and top stitch the edge of the fold.

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I repeat the same process with the white lawn on the top of the bicycles. If you’re careful, you can save time by skipping the iron and spreading the layers of fabric as you sew the second pass so as not to create a bubble on the back.

To make loops, I take a strip of fabric and fold it in on itself twice (making it four layers thick), then stitch the edge closed. I then cut these long strips and cut them into twelve shorter pieces.

As I hem the top edge of the curtain, I insert each loop at pre-marked intervals. Then I do a second pass on the top edge of the fabric to secure the loops.

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I finish by hemming the other three sides.

This was such a simple project that could really be done with a wide variety of fabrics. I like the lawn because it is light weight and translucent.


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  1. Would you believe we both have the same sewing machine??! I thought I was the only one still using it lol. Love your shower curtain too 🙂

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