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Breezy Lawn Skirts

Everyone has the occasional love affair with a piece of clothing. That special feeling when you could just wear that skirt, that dress, those pants everyday and never get tired of them. No one loves her clothes more than my mother, and for her, this lawn skirt was that piece of clothing.

Of course the sad truth is that our most worn clothes are just that, worn. You can see here that the top band of the skirt is completely worn through to the elastic (which is also very stretched out).

I repair and upcycle my clothes as much as I can, but sometimes it is also fun to recreate the same garment in new fabric. Because my mom gets so much mileage out of this one skirt, I knew she’d appreciate having three more in varying fabrics to go with even more outfits.

They were simple in construction: just rectangles gathered onto waistbands with wide elastic. I put three rows of stitches through the waistband to secure the elastic being sure to pull the elastic when sewing so that the stitching wouldn’t break when worn.


I used a solid colored lawn to line the skirts because the fabric is rather see-through by itself. Califabrics has many lawns to choose from! I used blue butterflies, nature study, and aqua flowers.

In the winter she pairs the skirts with leggings, but in the summer they are light and breezy by themselves. Isn’t she adorable?

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