Brushed Poly for Everyone!

Kirsten DeWitt for Cali & Co.

So, there’s this fabric on the website that I kept coming back to.  I’d add it to my cart and then walk away for a couple hours and then look at it again.  I thought on it for a couple of days actually. I loved the fabric but I didn’t have a plan for it so I kept humming and hawing over it.  Eventually, I decided to just jump in and go for it.  I mean come on, french fries, right?!  I grabbed 2 yard of it and just hoped for the best.  Guys, have you ever felt brushed poly before?  It’s soooooooooo good.  It’s the softest knit I’ve ever felt and it has the best drape.  Most people immediately think leggings for this fabric, but really, it’s great for any knit garment that doesn’t need a ton of stability.  The french fries washed perfectly (I always wash on cold and dry on high heat) and there’s no piling or fading.

Kirsten DeWitt for Cali Fabrics

I finally decided to sew up some raglans for my boys, a tank top for my girl and a pencil skirt for me.   And, of course, those little raglans wouldn’t be complete without some kind of cute, snarky saying on them right?  I have this digital design listed in my shop now, and if you use the code CALIFABRICS at checkout, you can get it for free!  And, while you have your vinyl cutter out, here’s a little tip.  Whenever I make matching shirts for my kids, I always stick a little initial inside the shirt so I can tell which shirt belongs to which boy.  Makes laundry a little easier!

Kirsten DeWitt for Cali Fabrics

For the boys’ raglans, I used New Horizons Designs Streamline Tee.  The Streamline is a slim fitting shirt so I like to go up a size for the boys so they can wear their shirts a little longer.   My daughter’s tank is the New Horizons Designs Key West Tank which is actually a free pattern (you can get the coupon code in the Facebook Group).   My girl is a 35 pound 7 year old so I make her the 3T tank in width and I lengthen it to the 7 length.  It’s a super easy adjustment because the pattern includes a lengthen/shorten line.  For my pencil skirt, I used the Patterns for Pirates Pirate Pencil Skirt which is another free pattern  (coupon code in the Facebook group).

Kirsten DeWitt for Cali Fabrics

I can’t say enough awesome things about a brushed poly.  I’m a homeschooling mommy to these three, and my husband is currently on active duty military orders (and has been for a while).  I really feel like a knit pencil skirt makes it seem like I made an effort when most days I’m lucky if I get a shower.  I usually pair this one with some chucks so I can still keep up with the kiddos and stay comfy.  These french fries also come in 2 other colorways as well!   Skirts for days!

Kirsten DeWitt for Cali Fabrics

And now, I leave you with this photo that my daughter wonderfully staged.  It’s a bit morbid if you ask me but sometimes after doing a photo shoot with these guys all together, I want to pretend I’m dead too 😉

Kirsten DeWitt for Cali Fabrics


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  1. I love how you’re a fry family! I bought this fabric, too, and I am totally in love with it. You can’t resist that print, LOL!

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