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Can you wear rayon in the fall?

Can you wear rayon in the fall?  That became the question after I sewed this blouse from rayon challis fabric and wasn’t ready to stop wearing it just because summer had ended.  On the calendar anyway!  

A blouse with perfect drape and flow requires just the right fabric, and rayon challis fits the bill perfectly.  And thankfully, CaliFabrics has a very large selection to choose from! This particular one is sold out, but don’t worry, you’ll be sure to find one you like.

Rayon challis is a lightweight fabric made of 100% rayon.  I have had trouble with some rayons shifting while cutting, but this one gave me no trouble at all!  Both my serger and my sewing machine sewed this fabric just great!  This post has 15 tips for sewing with rayon challis.

This rayon challis fabric was actually picked out to be the perfect compliment to this skirt.  But alas, you already know the sad tale of that skirt…and I’m NOT giving her this blouse too! 

I used my new favorite blouse pattern, the Phoenix Blouse by Hey June Patterns. (affiliate link)  It is a boho style blouse with lots of ease so that if you use a fabric like rayon challis, the garment flows and sails along with you as you walk.  Especially when you use the flutter sleeve option!

Since this rayon challis is dark with lots of autumn colors in it, I totally plan on stretching it into next season’s wear!  In these photos I’ve paired it with a denim skirt, but there are quite a few colors it could go with quite well!  Pair it with boots and you’ve got a fall outfit, right?

Although rayon challis can be see through due to it’s light weight, the darkness of these colors and the cut of the blouse meant that a lining was not necessary.  Sometimes I do wear a tank underneath it.  This is because I have so many kids, and usually bend over to help someone tie their shoes, wipe their nose, pull on their socks and so on countless times in the day!  Plus when I’m holding my baby, she likes to play with the ties, and often pulls them out…leaving the front opening a little lower than I’m comfortable wearing.

Do you know the difference between rayon and viscose, and between challis and poplin?  Over on the Skirt Fixation blog I’m exploring those topics if you’d like to know more too!

So you tell me, is it okay to wear rayon in the fall?  Do you?

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