Dude Sewing – Men’s Pyjama Pants

Hey Everybody! What brings you over to these parts? Fabric shopping? Or maybe fabric stalking? I stalk online fabric stores fairly regularly on a daily basis, and I could easily waste away hours just browsing fabrics and dreaming up sewing projects. But I will admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with choice, and my to sew list gets so long, that I have a hard time staying on track. I'd like ...

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The Rad Plaid Flannel Channel

For this round of projects for the Cali & Co. blog, I wanted to do some fall separates, easy pieces I knew I could add to my daily rotation and that would get a lot of practical wear.    I decided on a top and a skirt, both Megan Nielsen patterns.  The Axel skirt pattern I’d bought as soon as it was released but hadn’t sewn yet – I love a ...

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