Preppy Plaid Larkspur Dress

Fall/Winter sewing to me means time to break out the plaid.  Cali Fabrics has a huge selection to choose from and I couldn't help myself and grabbed a handful to play with. For this project I used this Mid-weight Black Watch Plaid.  It was thick and perfect for this structured dress.  This Tartan Wool Suiting or this Tartan Wool Blend are similar prints and would look great in this style dress ...

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Dressing Merry Men

    Fall is finally here!  I love this time of year.  The weather is just perfect for me.  I love tall boots and scarves.  I think the leaves changing colors is gorgeous.  This is also one of my busiest sewing times of the year.  In the fall, my husband and I go to the Ohio Renaissance Festival with our friends and we host a Halloween Murder Mystery party. This means I pretty ...

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Katie KC Suiting

Another look at suiting

I think many apparel sewists (including me until recently), tend to overlook suiting fabric because we're not actually making a suit.  But suiting fabric can be so much more! As my projects have started to branch out, I find myself frequently looking for fabrics that (1) have the weight and opacity of bottomweights, (2) have more drape and fluidity than your typical twill or denim, (3) come in a variety of solid ...

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