Classical Ballet Tutu

Happy (late) Halloween, ya'll! My house has been abuzz these past couple of weeks, not only because I decided to wait until the bewitching hour to start my Halloween costume (doesn't that seem to happen each year?) but also because I'm MOVING TO AUSTIN! You heard that right, folks, I'm becoming a Texan. I love to treat myself to an elaborate Halloween costume when I can and this year I decided ...

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Come for the fabric, stay for the pugs….

Hey Everybody!! I'm back with a Fancy Tiger Crafts Fen Dress. Now before we get too far into this post, I realize that I haven't really styled this dress with Fall appropriate shoes and accessories. My only excuse is that I am still out at the lake (I live part time in Calgary and part time at White Lake), and I was naive to how chilly it would be when ...

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A Fall Catarina Camisole Hack

Do you feel it? The sweltering nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter... that must mean fall is coming! Maybe fall is already here for you northern U.S. (or European or whatever other country you're from!) folks, but down here in southern Arizona it comes gradually and hits us full-on in November. Wait, make that December. Sigh. So whereas fall-appropriate clothing usually consists of cozy thick cardigans, knit beanies, and ...

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