Sewing Apparel Fabrics -Don’t Fear the Cuddle!

You should see how much quilting cotton I own. Shelves and shelves. It’s easy to find and to sew, doesn't shift around or stretch when you don’t want it to, and it doesn't require any special sewing tools. Because most my sewing patterns at Tie Dye Diva Patterns are for children’s clothing and designed for beginning seamstresses on up, I recommend, and use, quilting cottons for many of my patterns. ...

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Asymmetrical Fashion Trip

How about a visit to New York, London, Paris or Rome?  All you have to do is wear this tunic and you're there.  I didn't even have to leave my back yard. The fabric is a cotton jersey knit and it's super cool and comfortable.  You can find it here.  I wore this outfit to work and everybody was asking "where did you find that top?"  I swear I get so much ...

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A Floral Arum

Hello sewing world! I'm super excited to be here to share my first sewing project with the Cali & Co. family! Lately I've been having a rayon love affair - I never realized just how comfortable and breathable it is! Where have you been all of my life?! Why did I not know about you growing up in the sweltering summers of New Orleans and for the past 7 years in ...

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