Colette Aster in Tencel

Colette Aster view B angle 2

Hey, Cali Fabrics Fans!  I am so excited to share one of my latest makes with you all.  I made the Colette Patterns Aster top.  I made version 2 with the pleats at the shoulders. This pattern has been on my to make list since the pattern came out because those pleats are such a cool detail.

Colette Aster view B angle

I used a Lightweight Indigo Tencel Denim, which unfortunately is no longer available. However this Dark Blue Tencel Denim is very similar.  The Tencel has such a great drape to it that it is perfect for a loose top like the Aster.

Colette Aster view B back

As for the pattern, I want to say in the end I came out with a nice looking wearable garment. As a pattern maker, who has worked in the garment industry as a technical designer, I had some issues with the grading of this pattern.  The way the neckline is graded creates different angles for the different sizes. Then the sleeve cap has some minor dips in the grading creating a ripple in the larger sizes.  I adjusted the sleeve cap as I cut my fabric to make it smooth, however, I didn’t make any changes to the neckline.  I was too afraid to make any changes without having made the pattern before.  Like I said, I still ended up with a great garment, so it may just be me the technical designer, being too picky.

Colette Aster view B close up

Can we talk about those shoulder pleats?  I love this detail.  At first, I was surprised that they were stitched down, but I actually really like that.  While my stitching is not perfectly straight, I still love these and want to incorporate them into another garment at some point.

Colette Aster view B details

I also appreciate a good finishing technique and the Aster has one.  For the neckline, it calls for a double fold bias tape finish.  I didn’t have any matching tape on hand but I did have a dark hunter green from a previous project that I used.  I love the color contrast of the indigo and hunter green.

Colette Aster view B side

Sadly, it is getting a bit too warm for me to wear this top more.  We went from winter weather to summer weather within days and completely skipped spring.  That’s okay, I will enjoy wearing it come fall.  I think it will be great to pair with some of my colorful skinnies.  I also kinda want to make some floral Gingers to wear with it next.

What are some of your favorite details in patterns?


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6 thoughts on “Colette Aster in Tencel”

  1. I’m loving this Aster in a denim colour! All inspired now to make a similar one in one of my precious chambrays in the stash…

  2. I don’t think you’re being too picky. Those sound like some big flaws in the pattern. You ended up with a cute top still!

  3. I just love your version of the Astor!! Your darts are perfectly placed and the pleats at the shoulder are so nice. Great job, and thanks for sharing. I have some of that Tencel (I think), and that is a great use for it!

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