cozy sweater

Cozy Cardigan

cozy sweater

Hi Everyone! I’m back again with this cozy cream cardigan. Becca from Free Notion made a gorgeous Toaster sweater from this same knit and wrote about its tricky nature. Her tips are spot on!! She put together a fantastic post…so go read it!

The big difference between Becca’s use of this knit and mine is the direction of the cables. she put hers vertically which gives it nice stretch and movement around the body. I put mine horizontally. I did this because I wanted a really long cardigan and by the length stretching downwards, I was able to achieve the length I wanted. Making an open cardigan meant that I didn’t need much stretch around the body.

cozy sweater

Had Helen’s new Blackwood Cardigan pattern been out at the time I made my cardigan, I would have used hers…. but it wasn’t…so this pattern is McCalls 7476 with a collar change. Instead of the shawl collar, I used a folded over strip of fabric and stitched it on the full length of the neckline to hem. I only wish I had had a bit more fabric to place the larger cable in the center of the band….but otherwise I love the finished look. I  finished the seam of the neckband by binding it with soft fleece. I also cheated on the sleeve and bottom hems by cutting them on the selvaged edge. This isn’t really cheating is it!??

cozy sweater

Here is a shot of the back that shows the loose weave of this knit, making it suitable in the spring and summer as well.

cozy sweater

I have worn this cardigan many times already and it is super soft! This is the ivory color but I also love the red. It’s true that it is a bit tricky to work with but not impossible and totally worth it.

Margo B, from Creating in the Gap

Margo is a fabric addict and pattern hoarder extraordinaire, and attempts to justify it all on her blog, Creating In The Gap.

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6 thoughts on “Cozy Cardigan”

  1. I was so tempted by this fabric too! What’s the texture like on the wrong side? Rough or soft? It looks fabulous on you – just don’t sit on any dirty chairs! 😛

    1. Soft on both sides Gillian. It can unravel like a bugger so read Becca’s tips when you succumb to the temptation. 🙂 They are good ones.

  2. I love this cardigan – the length especially. Brilliant idea to use the selvage as the hem! I think it makes it look so professional. When I do the switch to knits (I’ve been on a blouse making binge for the past couple of months having discovered I didn’t own a single one!) and I’m so looking forward to returning to them I must say. You’ve given me some ideas here – thank you!

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