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Hello fellow fabric enthusiasts! This past month I’ve been working on a dress shirt for my husband. I made it as a birthday gift… and I was only one day late in finishing it! Because he is so tall, it’s impossible to find shirts that fit him, so custom dress shirts are a go-to gift.

This is the third shirt I’ve made for him and each time I start a new one, he tries the previous shirt on and we make notes on pattern changes. Each shirt fits a bit better than the last, and he gets to choose design details.


For this shirt, he wanted a contrast fabric to line the collar and cuffs. I like this playful trend of mixing fabrics. It makes for a fun reveal when the collar is unbuttoned or the sleeves are rolled up!

It’s best to choose a fabric with a small print for these contrast pieces, so the design isn’t cut off. He chose this floral cotton lawn, which comes in a few different colors. The body of the shirt is a grey chambray, which has less body than I expected, but works well for a lightweight, summery shirt. I’d also like to make myself a shift dress with it.


He also asked for no breast pocket on this shirt and a seamless front placket. I added  1/4″ edge stitching on the collar and cuffs which helps give a crisp look.

Invisible Placket

When making a custom dress shirt (or any garment for that matter!), fit is of utmost importance. It pays off to always improve upon previous patterns and keep detailed notes. As an oddly-sized individual, my husband always appreciates the fit of custom clothes. Keep your differently-proportioned friends and family in mind next time you’re looking to practice your pattern making skills!

Grey Dress Shirt


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2 thoughts on “Custom-Fit Dress Shirt”

  1. Looks great! I like your tip about trying on the previous version and keeping notes about changes to make
    I am in the process of making some stuff for my super tall hubby as well and that tip will be great to use.

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