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Double Brushed Poly Lesson 2

B5789 angle

I think teenage Sarah would be so impressed with adult Sarah’s wardrobe choices for fall/winter 2018.  I have been sharing on Instagram and my personal blog that I am working on a fall collection that is modern silhouettes with a 90s grunge flair. I named it the Smells Like Fall Spirit Collection (thanks Nirvana for the name inspiration).  This vest is the second completed piece of the collection.

The pattern I used is an oldie but a goodie, Butterick 5789. It has been out for a bit, but you can still pick it up. There is not much to say on the pattern as it is so simple. It is a quick and easy make with only two seams. It makes a great wardrobe builder for layering.

Since the pattern is a basic let’s talk about my favorite part, the fabric! This is another double brushed poly, because I have a new fabric addiction. This one is the Black, Taupe, Tan, and Charcoal Large Plaid Double Brushed Poly/Spandex Knit. In person, the taupe squares come across a little more of a dusty lilac than they look here. The large-scale plaids are very on trend right now and with this colorway, I think it fits nicely into the 90’s grunge vibe I am going for.

Last time I shared a little background on double brushed poly.  This time, I want to talk about the versatility.  We all know by now that leggings are the first go to with this fabric because of how soft it is. I want you to know that it is for more than just leggings. The Summer Concert Tee that I made has such a great high low hem that it allows the drape of the DBP to do its thing beautifully. The combination of the two worked perfectly.  The Butterick pattern I used for this vest also features a great drapey front that works well with the fabric.

It is also lightweight enough so that it can be made into layering pieces without adding a lot of bulk. Either a vest, like I made or a fitted t-shirt would work well. Heck, make both and layer them together! Then of, course, you could make some great loungewear with them.  I am thinking a short Suki Kimono with the Made For Mermaids Lexi Loungers and a tank all in a fun print of course. Now, I know the Suki is not intended for knits but I think that with the loose fit of the pattern DBP just might work.

Other than wanting to now make some loungewear, I really want to use this fabric to make a bodysuit.  I have a few different bodysuit patterns in my pattern library and am excited to try them with double brushed poly. I think the fabric has just enough stretch that it will work out well. Maybe one in this Mixed Style Floral or this Rose and Polka Dot. Then there is this Blue and White Stripe Floral that I have been eyeing for a while now. I think this would make a fabulous jumpsuit or maxi dress with ruffles. I guess I need to take advantage of the 20% off sale and pick all these up.

Share your DBP projects with us.  I want to know what you are making with this fabric!

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