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Double Trouble | Rockford Raglans times 2!

Am I the only one that can’t stop making cozy knits over the winter? Despite having to wear business casual during the week all week at work, I can’t wait for the weekend to put on comfy raglans, sweatshirts and tees. We’re getting a glimmer of Spring here in Northern Virginia, but it’s still chilly enough to wear cozy things.

There are so many raglan patterns out there – and most of them have tons of different views. Which means, if you find one you love, you can make tons of versions in different views.

View D with banded hem and cuffs

View A Swing Long Sleeve Raglan

I stumbled upon the Rockford Raglan a few months ago when I saw Tami’s versions during the release (fellow Cali Fabrics blogger!), made a version and then fell in love with it.  When I sewed it up, I made view A and since then have wanted to make a couple more versions. I thought it would be fun to mix and match two french terries to make View A (a swingy long sleeve raglan) and View D (a banded hem and cuff sweatshirt).

I am so obsessed with french terries – they are easy to work with and are comfy to wear. Cali Fabrics has so many different french terries in solids and in prints – it was hard to choose which ones to use, but I do love some light grey and light blue so I went for that.

The two french terries I used each have a little bit of a different hand to them. The grey is more drap-ey while the blue is a bit more structured. Hindsight is always 20-20, but it might have been good to swap them as the View A is designed for a more drapey fabric than View D. I think the look of the fabric on my View D version does “dress it up” a little bit though so I’m still happy with my choices.

I had 3 yards of each fabric and I can even squeeze out a third version! I’m thinking View C would be fun to add to the collection as well.

What are you favorite raglan patterns? Let me know below!

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