Fabric Suggestions for a Child Capsule Wardrobe

Recently I sewed a 16 piece capsule wardrobe for my baby in her next size.  In my last post, I showed you the bubble skirt I made from “earth” floral London Calling lawn fabric.  That fabric inspired and became the theme of much of the rest of the wardrobe.

Lawn Flatlay1

First of all, I picked a color scheme.  Based on the floral pattern, I chose chocolate brown and two blues.

Model 7

After I had the color scheme I set about picking fabrics.  My baby’s eyes are very clear, light blue, almost an exact match for the light blue modal fabric.  The color of chambray.  Maybe I spend too much time gazing into her baby blues?  So my first fabric choice was a baby blue modal fabric (currently sold out, but check out this blue modal fabric.)  From 1 yard I was able to sew a onesie, a dress, and a circle skirt.

Outfit 7

The next fabric I chose was organic bamboo jersey knit (also available in french terry) in the same blue, but a deeper hue.  From 2 yards of this, I sewed my 9 year old daughter’s maxi skirt from the last post, a cropped cardigan, leggings, and a onesie for baby.  This fabric is amazingly soft and durable.

Outfit 4

Now I needed some brown fabric, so I picked up some premium cotton jersey in chocolate brown.  (Also available in these colors.)  From this I sewed a cropped cardigan, leggings, and a onesie.  This fabric is easy to work with, hard working, and of the very best quality.

Model 8

From a little bit of chambray, I made my baby a bonnet using the lawn as the reverse side.  My oldest daughter is a wizard at embroidery, and sewed up the sprigs of daisies on the chambray side.


And I added a third pair of leggings is made from this denim knit jersey fabric.  So baby is cute and trendy too!  Plus, blue theme!

Model 3

The final fabric was a brown stripe from my stash, but this fabric would be a fun substitution.  I made a dress and a skirt from this fabric, and I love how stripes can be a pattern, and an layering piece depending on how you switch it up.


As you may have noticed, I tucked pieces of the lawn fabric in as accents throughout the entire capsule wardrobe.  It became the bias trim inside the neckband of the cardigans, the appliqué heart on the shirt, and tiny tags inside the leggings.

You might remember the chocolate brown corduroy dress and bonnet I sewed for my baby?  It also fits right into the capsule wardrobe theme!

Model 4

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe for my baby is so that her numerous siblings can get her dressed in anything and she will match no matter which pieces they choose!!!  (Remember the original white onesie capsule wardrobe I sewed her?  Same idea!)  We have so much fun dressing her in different combinations every day.  My 9 year old daughter had a lot of fun picking which pieces to lay out for the flat lay photos.  We didn’t lay out every possible combination, there are so many!

My top suggestion for choosing which fabrics to use in a capsule wardrobe is to use the best quality you can find.  Each of these fabrics is very, very good quality, and has been worn quite often with no signs of pilling, holes, stretching out, or other fabric malfunctions!  With a capsule wardrobe, you have less pieces to choose from to begin with, so each piece gets worn more often.

For all the details on which patterns I used and why, head over to my Skirt Fixation blog.  See you there!

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