Fall Trends: Embroidery and Prints


I love scouring fashion magazines and Pinterest as we head into a new season.  I’ve been loving the huge embroidery trend and knew I wanted to incorporate it into my daughters fall wardrobe (I’m hoping to add some to mine too- can’t let her have all the fun!).  I hopped on Amazon and grabbed a bundle of embroidered flowers and then started brainstorming everything I was going to floral-fy!  Jackets, sweatshirts, pants, tees… you name it.  Then when I was browsing the CaliFabrics site inspiration hit!  I wanted a subtle print and in my book leopard print is totally a neutral.  This leopard sweater knit was perfect!


Now that I had fabric picked out I struggled to find just the right pattern for the look I wanted.  I knew I wanted a boxy cropped sweater and really struggled to find a pattern that suited what I had in mind.  That was until Tami at Love Notions magically read my mind!  The women’s Sloane Sweater is one of my favorites and just recently went under a revamp.  While she was busy fixing it up she threw in a girls version too- hello!  With a few little tweaks it was just what I had envisioned!


I used the basic banded version, view B.  I cropped off three inches at the hem then did my bottom band the same width as the hem.  That’s it- super easy alterations to get this easy-going cropped look!


This was one of my first times machine sewing embroidery on.  The applique has a black base that made the thread blend in fairly well.  If it was a fancy garment or special occasion dress I think I’d spend the time to hand sew the pieces on but for this everyday garment the machine was perfect.  Do you have any tips or tutorials you love for attaching embroidery or appliques?  I know there will be many more in my future.  I think it really elevates the garment and there are so many possibilities.


I love that this outfit could work for both a grown woman and your fashion-minded girls.  It’s hard to find clothes in stores that are sophisticated without being too-grown up looking.  Her school has a fairly strict dress code and it’s so nice being able to sew things that are suitable.


I’ve decided having a tween is the best!  She will happily wear all the latest trends and styles that I feel might be a little too ‘young’ and ‘hip’ for me.  We have very similar styles so I always know that if I’d like it then she will be thrilled with it too.  It’s a fun age and sure makes sewing for her rewarding.  As a sewing blogger, I’d much rather be behind the camera taking the pics instead of front and center!  She’s such a willing model that I honestly could just happily sew for her all day.


She’s the reason I started sewing and the namesake of my blog afterall…

Are you sewing for fall yet?  Make sure you check out the huge selection of sweater knits in the shop!  So many cute fabrics, so little time!



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8 thoughts on “Fall Trends: Embroidery and Prints”

  1. Love, love love, so cool the cheetah print with flower embroidery. The pattern of the sweater is just perfect and the whole outfit outstanding. Lucky sweet girl having such a fashion forward talented Mami.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this! I realize sewing/embroidery machines are pricey, but maybe you could check out some used ones — with your skills, imagination, daughter, and love of sewing, you should consider one.

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