Flutter Sleeve Tee

I’ve been a bit absent around here lately, and it’s because I’m expecting!  I’ve had an absolute hell of a first trimester, and was sick all day and all night for about 10 weeks straight.  The past couple weeks have really been looking up, though, and I’m starting to feel a lot more like myself, and a lot more like sewing!


As I’ve talked about before, I HATE throwing away my fabric scraps.  I don’t mind the little stringy bits that are left over in between pattern pieces, but fat-quarter-sized chunks just make me crazy!  They’re too small for me to turn into a “real” garment, so I usually recycle them into undies.

The best part about the pregnancy sewing thing, though, is that I’ve been able to use most of my scraps to make cute little baby clothes!  I’m trying not to go too crazy, but let’s just say we may have a partially matching wardrobe when this little nugget comes out.

This fabric is more of that yummy french terry I talked about in my last post.  This time, in pretty forest green.  I am still working on a big, oversized cardigan for myself (which looks lovely in this fabric, by the way) but was just able to squeeze this cute flutter sleeve tee out of the scraps.

The “flutter” of the sleeves is left unfinished.  The rest of the seams are serged together.  I serged, turned, and zig-zagged the raw edges.

The fabric sews up like a dream, is super soft, really warm, and perfect for a snuggly tee/sweater for colder days.  I made this up in 6-9 months for a couple of reasons. It’s warm so it won’t get worn much when my baby is born in May, and I’m crazy and like to plan ahead.  Plus, I know I’ll never get around to this if I wait until next winter!  Better to strike while the iron is hot, yeah?

I’ll leave the pattern and fabric details for you below, I’m off to finish up that cardigan for myself!


Pattern: Flutter Sleeve Tee from Brindille and Twig

Size: 6-9 Months

Fabric: Forest Green Organic Cotton Stretch Terry

Alterations: none! (baby girls are easier that adults!)

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3 thoughts on “Flutter Sleeve Tee”

  1. Love the addition of the flutter to the top of the tshirt. I’m going to try this on a woman’s size shirt.

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