French Terry Sweatpants for Everyone!

Recently I must have been in a sweatpants sewing mood because (almost) everyone got sweatpants!  To me fall=french terry.  So everyone got french terry sweatpants!  

Boys 4 Cali

First the boys got to choose and so they chose camouflage french terry fabric.  For some reason, my two youngest boys will only wear camouflage if given the choice.  Head to toe, full garb, camo all the time.  So whatever!   (Photographic proof over on my Skirt Fixation blog…)

Teenage 1 Cali

Lucky for them, CaliFabrics has a nice selection not only of french terry fabric, but of camouflage french terry fabric.  This particular one we chose is special in that the camouflage pattern is printed on the loop side.  Which means the super soft fuzzy side is against your skin!  Lucky boys!

Boys 3 Cali

For the little boys, I used the Oliver+S Parachute Sweatpants pattern.  I love the little contrast stripe up the side.  And it allows me to customize each pair a little bit so that they don’t confuse which pair belongs to them.   For example, you can see that the waistband is black on the pair on the left.  Also, the ankles have elastic, which he prefers and his brother doesn’t.

Boys 1 Cali

Their shirts are made from CaliFabrics camouflage midweight cotton jersey knit fabric.  So they can wear their full camo gear even while asleep, I guess!  I used the Oliver+S school bus t-shirt pattern.

Teenage 2 Cali

Now, believe it or not, these boys sweatpants were sewn from the leftover scraps from making their teenage brother a pair of sweatpants.  However, said teenager refused to model them, and probably wouldn’t have been as cute anyway, so you get a flat lay photo!  I used the men’s Hudson Pants pattern by True Bias.  Even though he won’t model them, he does love them and they get washed and worn constantly!  He even layers them under his coveralls to stay warm when he does chores in the morning, so I guess that’s success, right?

charcoal organic french terry

Now 3 pairs of sweatpants doesn’t really qualify as sweatpants for everyone when there are 8 kids in a household, does it?  Of course not!  Now here’s where I let you in on a secret.  The midweight charcoal organic cotton/bamboo french terry is everything you could ever hope for in a french terry fabric.  In fact, it’s so good that I made sure there was enough to go around (okay, let’s be honest: enough for me to buy a whole lot more!) before I told you that secret!!!

Teenage Girl Cali

And there must have been a teenage rebellion around my house recently, because the teenage daughter I sewed these sweatpants for refused to model them too!  Of all the nerve!  But I’m already planning to steal them from her for revenge, so it’s all good.  Just as soon as I catch them off her body…  I used the Seamly No Sweat Pants pattern from Indie Sew, and combined with this amazing fabric, it’s sweatpants nirvana, people!

Girl 2 Cali

So with the scraps, (you saw this coming, right?) I sewed a pair of sweatpants for the baby!  Up until I had her, I thought I was a great bedtime parent.  I’m just going to leave that there along with the following flat lay photo of the graphic tee I made her with her bedtime motto on it.

Girl Closeup 1 Cali

I used the Parachute Sweatpants pattern (it’s unisex, hooray!) to make her sweatpants.  Then to make them pajamas, I sewed her a matching top, using fabric from my stash and the Rosemary Raglan pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

Girl 1 Cali  

Because I know you’re going to ask, the photos of the little kids were taken on a quilt I sewed from all my boys old jeans.  It’s the most amazing quilt ever, and you can read about my process of making it over on the Skirt Fixation blog.

Hey, I just realized who I forgot to make sweatpants for…ME!  I deserve them after sewing all these pairs of sweatpants for my kids, right?  {Heads over to the CaliFabrics french terry selection to buy more fabric.)

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