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Greenstyle Endurance Sports Bra

I am currently on a sports bra making kick! Honestly, I have sewn for years but never knew that making your own undergarments would be this easy or rewarding. Like many of us out there, I have a pile of patterns sitting in my sewing room that I intend to sew up when I have a free moment. Yet I continually find myself drifting back to the Greenstyle Endurance Sports Bra for “selfish sewing” every time I sit down at my machine.  Not only is this pattern easy to follow and sew up, but the finished product makes me feel like an actual woman, my ladies are secure, and the bra looks and feels amazing.

Here are some of the features that I absolutely love about the Endurance Sports Bra:

*   The most obvious is the zipper in the front. This seems like a game-changer for me. With other sports bras I often felt trapped but this one I can easily take off after a long workout.

*   The bra finishes nicely with all of the seams hidden. I cannot stand poorly finished garments so this is a huge plus for me.

*   The pattern calls for bra making foam 1/8” thickness which is fantastic at giving shape. Meaning, after giving birth and nursing two babies I can actually have perky, well-shaped boobs while wearing this bra.

For this particular Endurance Sports Bra I chose this gorgeous aqua white and metallic gold zebra print and tribal pattern swirls on black for the band and racerback. The fabric has fantastic recovery, a great weight, and looks awesome. Not only did I want to stand out while I ran an upcoming road race wearing this bra but I also wanted to pair it with a black pencil skirt for a date night with the hubby (so all and all, a very versatile pattern!).

The pattern is very easy to cut out and is a real scrap fabric buster as long as your fabric has some stretch to fit over the foam. For two bras you need 18” x 30” of fabric (and foam lining), one athletic zipper, and fold over elastic (or you can make your own binding).  The most important part before you cut and sew is measuring yourself properly so you match up the correct band and cup size. The pattern runs from band size 28” to 40” cups B-H and can be made with racerback or adjustable straps.  I always end up with racerback but really hope to make one with adjustable straps sometime soon.

I absolutely love this pattern and am excited  to wear this comfortable and sexy sports bra for both working out and date nights (with a wash in between)!

Shelby Greene is a sewist over at The Meanie Greene shop and also dabbles in blogging about motherhood, farming, and sewing at The Meanie Greene.

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