Blog Posting Guidelines and FAQ

Post Guidelines

Read these before you start your first post.

Take a look at the shop, then let me know what you want to work with, and what you might want to do with it.    The only obvious restriction to keep in mind when choosing fabrics is quantity.  I don’t really want blog posts being written with the last available yard of something, as that would kind of defeat the purpose.  I’m not going be picky, so don’t feel like you have to ‘sell’ me on any ideas.  I just want to be in the know with any upcoming posts.

Post Length
Also, to maintain quality posts, I’m generally looking for a minimum of 350 words, to a maximum of 1000 words.  This isn’t a definite requirement (more of a general expectation), and if you feel that you have a great post that comes in under 350, don’t feel that you have to fluff it up with more verbiage.  This isn’t an eighth grade research paper :).

I’d like to see a minimum of two clear photos that help reinforce what you’re saying in the blog posts, but preferably no more than one photo per 75 words, unless necessary (an obvious exception would be something like a ‘top ten quick tips’ kind of post, which would consist mainly of photos accompanied by a couple lines of text).

Once your article is ready to go, email me and let me know.  I will look it over, make any needed small edits, contact you about any questions, clarifications, etc… regarding content, and schedule the post.  Do not publish the post.  Save all posts as a draft.

Technical Details

Read these before you fine-tune your post.

For the most part, photos of what you made need to be full-width.  This shows the most detail, and really, isn’t showing off what you made kind of the whole point?  They also need to be centered in the posts.

Photo Quality
Photos should be a minimum of 1000px wide.  Please take them in a well-lit environment.  In my experience, taking photos outside on an overcast day, or at dawn or dusk, seems to be the best and easiest way to get great shots with good, even lighting.  If it’s too sunny out, you’ll end up with harsh shadows and funny looks on your face as you try to smile into the blinding sun.

If you haven’t read through some of Gillian’s ‘Better Pictures Project’ posts, please do. This is an invaluable resource, especially for the newer bloggers in our community.

Featured Images
These are required for the posts.  Featured images are set by clicking the ‘Set Featured Image’ link at the bottom right of the post editing screen. These can be whatever dimension you choose, however the site will auto-crop all featured photos to 820×312, so keep this in mind.


Read these, or don’t.  They’re only suggestions, after all. 😉

Have fun!  I want this to be light, fun, and social.  Share your failures. Tell us what you like and don’t like.  We want to toast your successes and hear about the pricked fingers, stepped on pins, and seam ripping that drive you to near-madness.  Do you have a beer or glass of wine while you sew?  Listen to music?  Does your cat attack your fabric as you guide it through the machine?  Did your child try to cut her own hair while you were happily cutting out pattern pieces in your sewing room?  We want to hear about it!

Every post should add value to our readers’ lives.  They should be inspired, they should be amused, they should learn something.  Blogging is a relationship with the readers, and people tend to have the longest lasting relationships with people who add value to their lives.  I love posts where people hone in on a specific technique they used or on mistakes they made and how they fixed them.  So, at the end of your posts, try to bring it home in a tangible, beneficial way for the reader. 


Can I post my Cali & Co. article to my own blog?
Posting your article to your own blog, after it has been published on Cali & Co, is encouraged. I just ask that you include a link to the blog near the top of the article, citing that it was originally written for Cali & Co.

How many posts am I expected to write with my store credit?
As many as you like.  However, it is expected that you use all the fabric you buy using your credit in posts for Cali & Co..  So, if you buy five different fabrics for five different pieces, you can write five different posts, or you can combine multiple pieces into ‘outfit’ or ‘working with ____ fabrics’ posts.  Completely up to you.

How often will my credits be replenished?
Credits are being replenished for regular bloggers, no average, on a rolling ten week basis.

When will my post be published?
Posts will be scheduled for the week immediately after the due date you are given. If this is a second or third post within the credit cycle, I will use them to fill in scheduling gaps over the next couple weeks. If you have a specific request, please let me know, and I will always accommodate you.

What if my post is late?
If you post is going to be late due to an injury or other unavoidable circumstance, I understand completely. I just ask that you give me as much advance notice as possible, so that I can try to get a guest blogger, or someone else to fill in. Late posts that are not due to such circumstances will be noted, and if there are too many, will result in being suspended from the blogging program.


I will conduct semi-annual reviews for each regular blogger. Feedback is always important, and this gives me an opportunity to give both positive and constructive feedback, as well as to hear your thoughts and feelings about the blog.

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