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Halloween Costumes with Cali Fabrics


Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me your costumes are still just a thought in the back of your mind.  I’m usually a last minute girl and I rarely, rarely sew my kids costumes.  If it can be done in under an hour- then I’ll jump right on it!  This year my daughter wanted to be a leopard and Cali Fabrics was our first stop.  I wasn’t sure this fabric, a midweight tri-blend 4-way stretch knit, would be ideal for this look but after a quick message to customer service this was on it’s way to our mailbox.  I love the helpful customer service and super quick shipping!

I used a couple of my favorite patterns for this costume.  The Love Notions free Leggins’ fit my girls just perfect and were exactly what this outfit needed.  I used Made by Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee and took a bigger seam allowance to bring it in even more.  I added thumbhole cuffs and a mock neck too.  Her tail is a simple belt that can easily be taken on or off.

This was just the look we were after.  A super quick sewing project, an incredibly comfy outfit, and a darling little costume.  I also love that after the holiday she can separate these pieces for everyday wear- win, win, win!  This simple bodysuit look would be a great base for so many costumes.  Superheros, animals, insects, rock stars, or countless others all need a great knit bodysuit as the base and Cali Fabrics knits can’t be beat!

Cali Fabrics is a costume makers dream!  If you’re still in need of the perfect costume they’ve got you covered.  My kids and I hit the site and came up with a few quick DIY costumes that will save the day.

We love the fun selection of animal prints.  This sweater knit and the free Dashing Vest would make one darn cute little Ferris Beuller!  Save Ferris!

This super soft Cuddle Fur would make the perfect caveman or Tarzan costume- talk about easy!

Mermaids never go out of style.  This nylon lycra and your favorite pencil skirt pattern could become Ariel in no time!

Cali Fabrics has one of the biggest selections of faux fur that I’ve ever seen.  If you’re searching for just the right color- they’ve got it!  You can go crazy and create the perfect jacket that would make Cruella DeVil green with envy.  You could also go quick and simple and turn yourself or your little darling into a sweet deer with just a bit of this and a couple of twig antlers- all the rage on Pinterest!

I’m so excited for Halloween and all the fun parties (and of course treats)!  I’ve got one happy girl that can’t wait for the big night.

I’m so glad to have found Cali Fabrics!  With quick shipping and a huge selection make sure you check out all the possibilities.  You will be the talk of the Halloween party!

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