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Hello Everyone!

I am super excited to be here and cannot wait to meet each and every one of you.  I decided I would make a simple dress for my debut post.   Clean lines, no frills,no buttons or beads.  I wanted something that would make a statement.  My fabric choice needed to be light and airy yet exotic and expensive looking.  I choice a scrumptious Leopard Print Rayon Challis you can find it here. Don’t sleep…it’s on sale and I know it will go fast.  Reminds you of beautiful Hermes Scarf…right?


I needed a perfect dress pattern to pull off the look I wanted.  I selected Butterick 5815 View C – you can find it here.  Once you see the pattern cover you’ll understand why I was drawn to this particular fabric.  This was a very easy sew.  I took my time because I did not want to make a mistake that would require using the “ripper”.   The fabric is far to delicate to be picked and poked.  I used a microtex needle and my walking foot so that the fabric would tangle in the feed-dog.  I had no intentions of lining this baby and I didn’t want ugly seams so I just turned my seams in and zig-zagged for a clean finish.  No too shabby if I say so myself. 🙂


The best thing about this dress is that I made it myself for next to nothing compared to a Hermes Scarf that starts $300 depending on the size an style.

Here’s my version – the only modification was to shorten the dress by 4 inches.  Accessorized with earrings and bangles.  You don’t need much more because the print is doing all the work.  I added my sunnies and leopard pumps to complete the look.

DSC_0475 edited

The sleeves on this dress are amazing.  They lap over to create a butterfly effect.

DSC_0471 edited

Here’s a better shot of the sleeves.


The neckline required a very narrow turn down so I double stitched the back so it wouldn’t roll.


Notice the fluid movement of the fabric…gosh I love this dress.  🙂  We took these pics around 8:30 in the morning and the sun really highlights the dress nicely.



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give this pattern and fabric a try.  I promise you will love it.  See you soon…..

SewVeStyle by Venita Elaine

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13 thoughts on “Hermes Inspired Print Dress”

  1. Welcome to CSC. Wonderful dress that looks fabulous on you. Nice job explaining all the thought and techniques that went into the choice of fabric, pattern, and sewing. Photos are proof of the pudding.

    Thanks, Tina

  2. I love this – especially the sleeves! It’s cool to see some of the really bold print rayon challis as a garment, not just a swatch on screen.

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