Hey, I’m Leslie

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I live in the Bay Area with my partner Tim and our cats Ringo and Pierre. I’ve lived, worked and studied all over the country but I grew up in South Jersey, where I learned to sew from my Mom, who is a very talented quilter.
About 5 years ago I started sewing again, and now my wardrobe is almost entirely me-made. The kitchen table in our small apartment is where my machine and serger live, and sometimes, we even eat dinner there. Other than my Mom, I’m self taught, which means there is occasionally some devastation and swearing mixed in with my successes!!IMG_20140816_120018

By day, I’m a geologist. I have a Ph.D. in the field and I do research related to volcanoes. When I’m not sewing, I’m into hiking, camping, rocks, beer, travel, yoga, WWE, football, and my family.

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2 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Leslie”

  1. Cats, volcanoes, sewing, hiking, camping, rocks, beer, travel, yoga, WWE, football, and family. You’re officially my hero. Welcome to the blog!

  2. Yes! If there isn’t at least some swearing and one bout of screaming out loud, I can’t really consider it a successful sewing project.

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