Hey, that’s MY skirt you’re wearing!!!

This is the sad, sad tale of a skirt that wasn’t.  I mean, the skirt WAS, but it wasn’t mine!  When I planned my CaliFabrics order, I planned some things for my teenage daughters, and one very special outfit for me.  It was to be a special reward-myself-for-sewing-for-others kind of outfit.  I had a beautiful, flowy, silky to the touch, maxi skirt planned for this rayon chambray fabric.  

Cali 1

The Sewaholic Gabriola skirt is one of those special garments that you take it slow when you’re sewing.  It takes quite a lot of fabric, and the end result is the most swishy, elegant, stunning skirt.  The kind you reach for on VERY special occasions.  And the ones where you want to feel VERY special for no reason at all!

Cali 2

The rayon chambray fabric was just perfect for my dream skirt.  I’ve sewn a top for my younger daughter and one for myself using this fabric, and it’s just heavenly to wear!  So I planned, and cut and sewed and loved the process of making this special skirt.

Cali 6.JPG

Then it came time for the final fitting.  And just as I was lifting it off the machine to try on, it was snatched from my fingers and on my daughter’s body quicker that you can wink.  I said, “Excuse me, that’s MY skirt you’re wearing!”  But she just waltzed out of the room (because that’s the only way you can walk when you’re wearing a skirt this elegant) and returned with her new pair of shoes on.  

Cali 5.JPG

“I think we should hem it to the perfect length for me to wear with these shoes, don’t you, Mom?”    I tried over again to impress on her that this was MY new skirt, MY dream skirt, MY PRECIOUS!  Well, you can see by the photos how successful I was in my pleas.  

Cali 4.JPG

So I obviously gave in, with the strongly worded caveat that I got to wear MY skirt whenever I wanted.  Which so far has been zero times.  Good thing I know where to get more amazing rayon chambray fabric!

I do have to admit that as well as the fullness of the the skirt shows off the best features of this rayon chambray fabric, those angled yokes look amazing too!

Cali 3.JPG

Oh, and if you want more information about the gorgeous shirt my daughter is wearing, head over to my Skirt Fixation blog.  She got her way on that one too… 😉 

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