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Hi! I’m Chui from Wear the Ducky Tie. I reside on the East Coast (Jersey). By day, I am an IT analyst. By night, I spend all my money on the latest fabric, patterns and notions! Ever since I was little, my mom has been sewing for me, from stuffed animals to my graduation gown. My favorite sewing related memory with her, however, was when she turned one of my clothing sketches into reality. I’ve definitely inherited her love for all things crafty. While I haven’t designed anything recently – as I want to focus on learning and mastering basic construction techniques first – I’d like to in the future. Sewing is my happy place, a nice way to unwind, and a fun way to bond with my mom, and now, the Cali Fabrics family as well. I can’t wait to start this journey with you all!

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