Inspiration: How to wear Velvet

I was probably 4 the first the I (remember) wearing velvet. It was a dress, black velvet with a white lace peter pan collar, and I loved it. I mean, not wearing it, I was still a kid fidgeting in a formal dress. But I loved looking at it and petting it’s soft, stiff texture. This happened a few times in my childhood, and it was always a shame to see those velvet dresses get shoved to the back of closet a week later. (They were, after all, only appropriate attire for holiday functions between Christmas and New Years.)

Imagine my surprise, and excitement (!!!) when I started seeing velvet pop up again this past Fall… as CASUAL wear. I’m positively giddy! So, in light of the recent stock of Stretch Velvet at Cali Fabric, I thought I’d share some inspiration for how to incorporate this “new” again texture into your 2017 wardrobe.

Let’s start with what I’ve sewn, then move onto those I’m dying to when time and budget allow!

First up: The Velvet Jacket


My husband (who fancies himself a fashion-connoisseur, too) and I have been in a bit of a “race for the velvet jacket” this season. With this medium gray velvet, this lining, and New Look’s crop jacket (view C), its safe to say: I won. Admittedly, it’d hang much better if I’d gotten a non-stretch velvet, but I had my fingers crossed I’d squeeze an extra project out of the remnants (more on that, next!).

You can’t go wrong with a timeless blazer (like this one! In this color!) either, but I did my retail research and found this short mandarin collar, no-lapel silhouette is very on-trend. I lengthened the crop jacket with a couple-inch band on the bottom, and borrowed the collar from the Liesl & Co Gallery Tunic (Seen in rayon challis in my last guest post!). I quilted the shoulder, too, to mimic my inspiration piece. What do you think??


Up Next: The Velvet T-shirt

My bonus-sew is a bit of a repeat for Cali & Co, since Tami already nailed the Velvet T look. But I’m bonkers for it anyway!


For a step-up from your everyday jeans and T-shirt, simply swap out your usual jersey for a stretch velvet. My inspiration (below) shows a similar charcoal color, but others (like this one, and this one) show easy day-time looks in blush and navy as well.

Here are some more shots of my t-shirt. I used the Shwin Designs Daytripper Top, and modified it with this tutorial.


Dare to dream: The Velvet Jogger

Ohhh, my always-frozen self is desperate to add velvet to my lounge-wear collection! Don’t these look comfortable?? And instantly sassy with a jacket over top and a shoe-upgrade. Depending on your body type, I recommend the True Bias Hudsons or the Greenstyle Brassies – or you can blend the two like I do and sew yourself some black velvet “Hudsies.”

Lastly, how about… The Velvet Kimono

How pretty would this Kimono look in green velvet with an ivory gathered peplum underneath? Bonus points for lace or crochet, something that will be the summer-texture “ying” to the velvet’s winter-texture “yang.”

There you have it! I hope you’re sufficiently inspired to sew and wear some casual velvet this season! If you do, I hope you share it with me on instagram, or on my facebook page. I’d love to see your creations!
XOXO, Becca
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  1. OK these are officially my most favorite thing I have seen posted on Cali & Co! That velvet jacket is insanely awesome and that top —- auuugh! I need it all! Great job!

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