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Hi Everyone!

It’s Ron!  Remember me?  I know I don’t contribute to the blog much.  I grew up in this fabric shop, and learned very quickly that I was not going to be a sewing expert.  However, I love fabric, love seeing what people make, and I love the feeling I get when I see our customers succeed at a challenge.

Being that we’re an online shop, I don’t get to see you strut into the shop wearing our fabrics, like we do at the brick and mortar store.  That being said, one of my very favorite things about running Cali Fabrics is getting to hear from our customers, or seeing photos of the amazing things you make.  Seriously, seeing our fabrics used in the things you sell on etsy, in wedding photos, or in photos of you and your family, are always highlights of my week.

And that’s one of the fun things about the sewing community.  Sewists LOVE to share.  That’s why I’ve made the long-overdue decision to *finally* start a Cali Fabrics group on Facebook.  Honestly, the reason I hadn’t started one before is because I know so little about groups.  My plan is to share inside looks at Cali, maybe have some exclusive presales, coupons, etc…, and my hope is that I get to see a TON of what everyone is making with our fabrics!  Plus, it’ll give me a place to ask customers directly things like ‘what do want to see more of in the shop’, or even post when I’m looking at new swatches and offerings to bring in.

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough!  I can’t wait to connect with you, and to have you as part of this new and exciting community.  I think this new group is going to be a blast, and hope that you’ll join us over there – Join our new insider’s group! 

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