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Krazy Kimono

Do you nickname your projects as you sew? I don’t usually, but this one demanded to be called the Krazy Kimono! Partly from the fabric, and partly because it didn’t come together as I planned!

The problems started during construction. I lost the normal foot on my sewing machine and haven’t bought another yet, so I sewed the whole thing on a walking foot… and I also only had universal needles, when this vibrant poly crepe de chine definitely needed a microtex needle. (But more on the fabric later – it is the saving grace of the whole project!

Next, the sleeves somehow came out to short for the armscye. This is an adaptation of the Helen’s Closet Suki Kimono, which I’ve sewn twice before with no issues that I remember… but this time it just didn’t work. “No problem!” I thought, as I patched in a 3″ wide rectangle to the circumference of the seam. Look closely, and you can see a section in the sleeve above that doesn’t have the border print – because of course I was running low on fabric!

All of which was fine… until…

Fringe! Wondrous, glorious, neon fringe! I wanted the hem to have lovely swishy trim, to really highlight the fabric. But the trim I got locally was on a stretchy band, so when I sewed it on, it stretch and gathered the hem into a bubbly mess. I picked it off and tried again… then had to pick it off a second time!

I’m pretty disappointed that the fringe didn’t work – but I’m so happy I finally ordered this fabric! I’ve been eyeing it for months wonder what to make with it, and this was a perfect summer project. The colours are fantastic, and the border print makes it extra special. I’m wearing it here with my previous Cali project, a blue Nettie dress. Together they are giving super summer vibes! Where’s my drink with a tiny umbrella?

I would love your advice on how to get the fringe onto my Krazy Kimono! I tried zigzagging and straight-stitching it, but I think the walking foot feed dogs were catching on the fluffly trim band. Would it work better if I serged it on? Should I wait til I have a normal sewing machine foot and the right needles? Or should I just wear my fringe like a boa and give up on attaching a stretchy trim to a non-stretch fabric?

Help me out, please! Not every project is a winner, but this one is so close to great that I’d really love to make it perfect!

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