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Leveling Up, A Happy Accident

Jenny Maker Black Tencel Denim Shirtdress-1

How many of you pick a pattern, not paying close attention to the details, only to discover you’d be forced to learn a new sewing trick? What, just me? Haha

When I picked this pattern, I did so based on the casual silhouette and the detail of the interesting back pleat. If you follow my blog as well, you may recall I used this pattern for my purple lyocell shirtdress. This was actually the wearable muslin for that dress. I traced, blended, and cut all of the pieces, just following the pattern, without paying attention to exactly what it was I was cutting. What can I say? I have a habit of sewing in crunch mode, particularly when an upcoming vacation is in sight. It wasn’t until I starting sewing that I realized I’d cut out a piece that didn’t seem to have a place, which was described as a fly. So, I referenced the instructions and discovered that the pattern actually included a concealed button placket, something that I’d been very hesitant to try up to that point. The print of the fabric choice on the envelope had completely hidden this detail. But, as I’d already cut it out and not being one to waste, I decided it was a sign that it was time to tackle it!

Mind you, learning this technique on a denim might not have been my first choice had I been paying attention, but I went with it anyway. Fortunately, tencel denims like this are lovely to work with and far less bulky that what denim generally calls to mind. It still presses very well and tencel is more forgiving than say, linen or rayon, while still suiting the drapier silhouettes that usually go along with concealed button plackets.  In fact, I was rather impressed with how easily it went together, confusing pattern instructions aside. If you’ve ever sewn a button band, you can definitely sew a concealed placket! I wouldn’t recommend starting with this pattern to learn them, but Closet Case Patterns has a tutorial to accompany their similar looking Kalle pattern that may work better for you. Either way, don’t be afraid to tackle it or any other sewing challenge on your list! You’re bound to find it isn’t nearly as hard as you’ve built it up to be!

Happy sewing! x

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