Leveling Up Your Sleepwear Game

HC Suki Robe front

Friends, I have a game changer to share today! I have leveled up my summer sleepwear and I am here to share how you can do it too! Flannel pajama pants and random non-matching t-shirt have been my sleepwear staples for long as I can remember. Don’t mistake me, I love my crazy print flannel pj pants in the fall and winter but it has never been my thing during the humid summer nights here in the midwest. Especially when we lived in our old house that didn’t have central air…yeah…that was miserable. Even still, now that we have central air in our new house flannel pants in the summer are no picnic. Enter in the Suki Robe and the Coraline Dress. I have seen the light and become a convert to the nightie. For the first time in my three and a half decades, I have a matching robe and nightie set. I feel so darn adult now!

BSD Coraline Dress front

A few months ago I helped to test out one of the newest Bella Sunshine Designs patterns, the Coraline Cami (affiliate link). It is a quick sew with only two pattern pieces and a neckline trimmed in fold over elastic (FOE). This pattern comes in three different lengths: camisole, tunic, and dress. For the testings, I made a tunic and a dress length in rayon jersey and have been using them as sleep nighties ever since. They are so much more comfortable than cotton flannel right now. I knew that as much as I loved the rayon jersey version I would love a double brushed poly version even more. The allure of the buttery soft fabric was calling to me and I am so glad I answered.

HC Suki Robe close up

For this version, I used the Colorful Scrolling Floral with Birds on Black Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit. I think the colors are so vibrant and the print is so fun and on trend right now. There is still a bit left in the shop if you want to pick some up too. I also used a small portion of solid Black Double Brushed Poly for the trim details on the Suki Robe. The best thing about the Coraline is that it is possible to make the dress length out of only one yard. If you fold each selvage edge towards the center making two folded edge instead of one, you can place each the front and back pieces on a fold. This way uses significantly less fabric and makes it great for stashbusting those single yard pieces.

HC Suki Robe back

This is my first Suki Robe from Helen’s Closet and I have no excuse for why it took so long to get on the Suki train. The important thing is that I am on it now with no plans for stops. This robe is supposed to be made in a woven, but ever the rule breaker, I made it out of knit. Guess what? It works just as well in a knit. Since this pattern is not fitted I made the exact same size I would have if I had made it in a woven. I also used a knit interfacing instead of a woven interfacing so that it still retained its stretch. Everything fit together so nicely even with the change in fabric types. I really think it is easy for any level of sewist to get away with either knit or woven for this pattern. Just make sure if you do use knit you use the right needles and thread.

HC Suki Robe side

Can we just talk for a minute about how fabulously adult I feel wearing a robe while going about my morning routine?! I hate to admit this, but I have only ever owned this one super thick terry cloth bathrobe from Victoria’s Secret. I only ever wear it as a bathrobe, except that one time our heat went out in a winter storm and it was in the 40’s in our house. I have wanted to make a robe like this for longer than I care to admit but never actually did it. Remember when Victoria’s Secret had those short black satin robes? That is the style I have always had in mind. I never liked any of the robe patterns that came out from the Big 4 because they never quite fit what I was envisioning. Then came the Suki! It was exactly what I had been picturing. It just took me years to get around to finally making one.

HC Suki Robe angle.jpg

Now that I have made my first Suki, I have at least two more in mind, both in knit. First, I want to make another Double Brushed Poly version using this Ivory, and Pink Diamond Medallions on Slate Grey Double Brushed Poly/Spandex Knit. I have added and removed this particular fabric from my cart three or four times now. I keep coming back to it so I think I have to get it now. I want to use this solid Blush Pink DBP as the accents like I did with the solid black for my current version. I think this second robe and nightie set sound fantastic in these colors and print. Then I want to make a fall version, using french terry. Sadly, I bought the last of this gorgeous mauve and tan floral with a charcoal background for just this purpose. The good news is, there are so many more amazing floral French Terry pieces that you can use for a fall version, like this Rose Floral on a Slate Blue background or this large scale Red, Blue, and Green Floral on Charcoal background.

I enjoyed my first DBP version of the Coraline dress as a nightie that I had to make two more versions. First one is made using the black and white ornate floral, which is now sold out. The Kelly Green and Pink colorways are still available though. The second one is a black floral rose over plaid, also sold out. There is a similar Pink plaid without the floral or this rose print over gingham that I am also in love with.

I think some plaid or buffalo check double brushed poly long johns would be amazing with a french terry robe for fall. I guess I will be adding those to my fall must sew list as well.

Have you ever made sleepwear? What did you make?

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  1. Very nice set you made! Enjoyed reading and seeing your pics, nice job and nice legs too! I need to make a short robe like this one, thanks for the info.

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