Hey, that’s MY skirt you’re wearing!!!

This is the sad, sad tale of a skirt that wasn’t.  I mean, the skirt WAS, but it wasn’t mine!  When I planned my CaliFabrics order, I planned some things for my teenage daughters, and one very special outfit for me.  It was to be a special reward-myself-for-sewing-for-others kind of outfit.  I had a beautiful, ...

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Double Leopard!

This is not an outfit for the faint of heart! But oh man, it's a fun one! One of the fun things about shopping at Cali Fabrics is that they sometimes carry designer fabrics, like this "7 For All Mankind" leopard twill. Right now they only have it in orange, but they have some great stretch ...

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1 Pattern, 3 Fabrics – A comparison

Have you ever had trouble deciding which fabric to use for a pattern?  Often there are several options in the fabric recommendations section of a pattern.  All are suitable, so how to choose?  Sometimes I use personal preference, but this time I decided to make a t-shirt pattern with 3 different fabrics and share the ...

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Tips For Sewing With Jersey Knit (And A Few Free Patterns)

I love sewing with knits! They are primarily what I use for most of my projects. They're soft and comfortable which makes for great clothing in my opinion. Here are a few tips that, in my experience, are useful when it comes to sewing with Jersey knit. 1. Spray starch makes it easier to work with light weight Jersey knits.  Lightweight Jersey ...

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Back to the Basics – Chambray and Twill

When it comes to apparel fabric, there's nothing more fun than playing around with unique fabric prints and blends, but there's something to be said about those classic natural fabrics too, such as cotton twill and chambray.  As I slowly replace my worn-out ready-to-wear clothing with handmade items, I've been trying to utilize similar fabrics, ...

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Custom-Fit Dress Shirt

Hello fellow fabric enthusiasts! This past month I've been working on a dress shirt for my husband. I made it as a birthday gift... and I was only one day late in finishing it! Because he is so tall, it's impossible to find shirts that fit him, so custom dress shirts are a go-to gift. This ...

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