Comfortably Cosplaying in Stretch Broadcloth

My daughter was home from college for Winter break and you know that means she had another cosplay challenge for me! This one was for the character "Pidge" from Voltron. As soon as I saw the fitted, military-style jacket, I thought, too bad it will be stiff and uncomfortable! Then I hit up Cali for ...

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Can’t Get Enough of Ponte Stripes!

I'm always looking for good quality knit stripes, and luckily Cali Fabrics has a great selection. This top is made with a ponte stripe which is sadly now out of stock - proof that when you see a great fabric, you should buy it! (What can I say, I'm on Team Stash, not Team Minimalism.) I am ...

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Versatile Organic Cotton/Bamboo French Terry

As soon as it gets chilly I want to get all comfy and cozy, so naturally I begin gravitating towards French Terry fabric!  If you're looking for a French Terry that can be made into a variety of garments, then you'll need to check this one out.  This midweight charcoal organic cotton/bamboo/spandex French Terry might ...

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Sewing Stripes Without Pins

Every good sewist will tell you that the secret to sewing stripes is to pin, pin, pin... so I'm here to show you a dress made with just 2 or 3 pins! (After all, I love Lazy Tips for Sewing Knits!) Here are my top tips for life with minimal pins: 1. Choose a good quality fabric. Look, we've ...

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Revisiting Old Favorites

The evolution of the sewing blogging community has been an interesting thing to witness. I myself have been blogging about sewing (off and on) since 2011(!). In those early days, the phrase TnT, which stands for tried-and-true, was used quite a bit. Many of us made it a habit to use the same patterns over ...

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French Terry vs. Stretch Sweatshirt Fleece

Today I’ve got another fabric comparison post for you!  Just like last time when I compared 3 different fabrics using the same pattern, this time I used the same pattern to compare 2 fabrics.  Both these fabrics are suitable and recommended for making this hoodie pattern, so it really comes down to personal preference.   The ...

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