Easy Bedroom Curtains

Curtains are a great way to update any room, and with this simple curtain construction method, my bedroom was transformed in just a couple of hours! When I moved in, my windows had old mini blinds ...

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5 Tips for Sewing Sweater Knits

This winter has felt long and especially cold. Full disclosure, I live in Northern California, where “cold” is somewhere between 45-60 degrees. I am fully aware that this makes me a complete and utter cold ...

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The Draped Cowl Neckline in Recycled Polyester and ITY Knit Fabrics

Necklines play such an important role in a garment since they're front and center, yet I find myself sewing the same one over and over when it comes to my knit clothing (I'm talking about ...

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5 Years of Sewing with Cali Fabrics French Terry

As a Cali Fabrics Blogger, I get to order fabric every quarter... and time after time, I find myself fawning over French Terry! Cali always has a great selection of solids and prints, including cotton, ...

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J.Crew-Inspired Fulton Sweater Blazer

Hello friends!  I have something a bit different to share with you today! As sewists, I’m sure we’re all inspired by rtw (ready-to-wear) from time to time and happily modify amazing patterns to suit our vision. ...

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The 2-for-1 skirt

Have you ever liked BOTH sides of a fabric and had a hard time choosing which side to use for your final garment?   That happened to us with the indigo denim-look knit fabric.  (currently ...

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