Comfort and style at work!

Meet my sister, Anne! She is a conference planner for a governance non-profit that regularly hosts heads of state, politicians and dignitaries, along with lead researchers from around the world. When it's time for an event, she needs to be able to set up chairs and tables and lug around equipment... and then look elegant and professional as the guests arrive! We've been working on her wardrobe for years (she knits amazing things for me in return), but I have ...

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Easy Bedroom Curtains

Curtains are a great way to update any room, and with this simple curtain construction method, my bedroom was transformed in just a couple of hours! When I moved in, my windows had old mini blinds which were outdated and seem to always be dusty. I knew I wanted a nice sheer fabric that would let in a lot of light but would obscure the view since my bedroom windows face the street. I searched Cali Fabrics for sheer fabrics and ...

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5 Tips for Sewing Sweater Knits

This winter has felt long and especially cold. Full disclosure, I live in Northern California, where “cold” is somewhere between 45-60 degrees. I am fully aware that this makes me a complete and utter cold weather wimp and garners no sympathy from anyone who has to contend with ACTUAL winter. Regardless, I’ve been living in sweaters this “chilly” season. Since spring doesn’t seem to be upon us yet, I thought I’d share some tips for sewing up some beautiful sweaters ...

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