A Cozy Ribbed Sweater Knit

Since I'm here in sunny California, I have only recently had to add layers over my tops.  I'm a sucker for sweaters, so I love being able to pull on a warm cardigan and go about my day.  What I love about sewing (as opposed to say, knitting) is that I can whip up cardigans and sweaters made from soft sweater knits fairly quickly, especially with some of the basic techniques I'm going to share with you today! Fortunately for us ...

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French Terry Sweatpants for Everyone!

Recently I must have been in a sweatpants sewing mood because (almost) everyone got sweatpants!  To me fall=french terry.  So everyone got french terry sweatpants!   First the boys got to choose and so they chose camouflage french terry fabric.  For some reason, my two youngest boys will only wear camouflage if given the choice.  Head to toe, full garb, camo all the time.  So whatever!   (Photographic proof over on my Skirt Fixation blog...) Lucky for them, CaliFabrics has a nice ...

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A Pirates Life for Christmas (Free Sewing Pattern)

My siblings and I fought the giggles that were tickling the insides of our tummies. Thump thump thump….. Boom! My brother flew into the bedroom and slammed the door behind him. “Mom and Dad are still downstairs and there aren’t any presents yet! I almost got in so much trouble for peeking!” We all laughed and then went back to playing. The minor disappointment of the presents not being there didn’t ruin the excitement of what was waiting for us in ...

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