Mint Green and Princess Seams

I will admit something right at the beginning of this post – This was supposed to be the SOI Heather Dress, but once I got the pattern all printed, I was looking at the pattern and I was like, “Wait. Where are the lengthen/shorten lines??” How do some patterns not have lengthen/shorten lines? Isn’t that the whole point of sewing is to lengthen or shorten clothes to finally fit you? If I were average height I would probably not even think to sew my own clothes. So, I just sat there stuck, staring at the pattern, trying to figure out how to go about lengthening it, but I just couldn’t (is that why everyone wears leggings with that pattern??).

I finally decided instead to make the Charleston Dress by Hey June Handmade, since it is VERY similar and Adrianna is a pattern genius. I am SO glad I changed my mind because I LOVE how this dress turned out. It was really easy to lengthen the pattern at the lengthen/shorten lines on all of the bodice pieces (hallelujah). I lengthened the pattern by 1.5 inches on the bodice, and 4 inches on the skirt.

The one thing I realized after making this and trying it on was that the princess seams, where it curves for your chest, hit a little bit to high for me, and I should have moved them down about an inch. I should have known that because I usually have to move bust darts, but I just totally forgot (or maybe I was blocking it out because I didn’t want to stress about how to do it. Haha). It shouldn’t be that hard, right? I think a lot of tall sewists cut the pattern right below the underarm and move the pattern down so that that the chest hits in the correct spot. So, on my next Charleston Dress I’m going to have to figure that out.

There is also a way to make the Charleston without the zipper and that’s going to be one of my next projects. You would just have to use a stretch stitch when attaching the skirt and bodice, and the neckline would just go in as a complete circle (without breaking for the zipper).

I have been wanting to make this dress for a long time, and I honestly have more fabric in my stash that I have planned for this dress (including some brushed poly similar to this that I got a few months ago from Califabrics). I wanted to make the pencil skirt version, but after really thinking about it, I decided the A-line skirt was a lot more realistic for my #momlife. No regrets you guys, because it’s still the prettiest dress ever.

Now to talk about this amazing fabric! How can anyone not like ponte de roma, right? It was SO easy to sew with, it’s not sheer at all, and it looks good on basically anyone. When this mint green ponte came in the mail, my eyes got kind of big and I was like, “Is this a little bright for me?” It is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but it’s just so pretty! I quickly overcame that discomfort once I was finished and tried it on, and then I danced around my house in it.

Califabrics has sooo many good ponte colors that it was hard to choose. I almost got this Carribean Blue, and this Fuschia is my mom’s and my favorite color!

What color is your favorite? What patterns do you have that are perfect for ponte fabric?

Happy Sewing!!

Tori Hall, from The Doing Things Blog

Sewing blogger at The Doing Things Blog, #sewingtall, and living in Cali with my husband and son.

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7 thoughts on “Mint Green and Princess Seams”

  1. Beautiful dress! I haven’t tried any Hey June Handmade patterns yet but your dress has certainly spurred me to take a closer look 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Kathleen! It’s a very good dress pattern and a pretty easy sew! Adrianna (the owner of Hey June) is a genius when it comes to patterns.

    1. Thank you, Sky! <3 It was the only zipper I already had that was the right kind, and sort of matched (I thought). But I really like the look of it, and I'm glad I went with it!

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