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Today is the snuggle-y-est post ever written!  When you combine the softest french terry ever, and the squishiest baby, you’ve got enough snuggles to go around!

French Terry 5

Now I really must start with an apology.  This particular french terry fabric has sold out.  Twice.  It’s really, really, really that good!  But you can grab some of this floral french terry, which is just as pretty, or this chocolate french terry, which is just as soft.  (I know because I’ve been sleeping curled up in it, er I mean, I’ve got another blog post about it coming soon.  Just as soon as I decide to stop sleeping with it!)

French Terry 1

When I ordered this fabric, I knew I wanted to make myself a Lane Raglan hoodie with thumbhole cuffs.  This fabric has great drape and yet is stable enough to make thumbhole cuffs without added frustration a very drape-y fabric might cause.  Also, the excellent instructions for making thumbhole cuffs in this pattern are always a bonus…I’ve used them countless times and never had a mess up.

French Terry 2

I have a confession, I thought this french terry fabric was too good to be true, and was sure it would pill very fast with washing and wear.  Not like that was going to stop me from wearing something this soft and snuggly!  But, you guys!!!!  There is not a bit of of pilling even though it’s receiving regular wear now that the weather is cooler.

French Terry 3

And since you know I’m such a fabric scrooge, I eeked out a dress for my 6 month old daughter from the scraps!  I used the Rosemary Raglan pattern, and lengthened the length of the peplum to dress length.  And (true to my fabric scrooge nature) I used some stretch black velvet leftover from my last post to line the hood and make baby a pair of black velvet leggings using the Lollipop Leggings pattern.  Did she need them?  No, but hello, black velvet baby leggings!

French Terry 7

By the way, if you want a post on how to make the lining wrap around to the outside of the baby’s hood I’ve got a quick tutorial over at Skirt Fixation.

French Terry 10

That’s all I have to say, but here’s another sweet photo of a cute, sleeping baby for good measure!  Now go grab yourself some French Terry and have fun!

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