creating in the gap plaid tunic

Plaid Tunic



creating in the gap plaid tunic

So this is probably the last time this dress will be on my body…not because I don’t like it…but because once my daughter saw it and told me she loved it… well… I gave it to her as soon as I took it off. Gotta keep your photographer happy right!? I’m always thrilled when my girls like something that I’ve made, it’s so flattering!

creating in the gap plaid tunic

So what’s up with me and rayon plaids? I made this long dress in the fall and here I am again sewing  up another plaid dress. I love myself a good rayon and this one didn’t disappoint in the cool buttery soft department. You should know that it is white on the wrong side…not that this is bad… but just know that it won’t be suitable for patterns that allow the wrong side to show.

creating in the gap plaid tunic

When I initially picked out this rayon plaid, I thought that I would make a button down shirt, which I think would have been great but I wasn’t feeling up to all the pattern matching that it would be required so I choose the ruffled neckline tunic from The Tunic Bible. This tunic is really easy to put together and there are so many great options. ( plus, there is no zipper!!)


creating in the gap plaid tunic

So continues my love affair with rayons…I have my eye on this one for the summer!! One can never have too many rayon dresses…especially when she is so good at sharing them!


Margo B, from Creating in the Gap

Margo is a fabric addict and pattern hoarder extraordinaire, and attempts to justify it all on her blog, Creating In The Gap.

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  1. This is gorgeous Margo! I can totally see why your daughter would want to steal it! 😉

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