Plan a Sewing Date this Valentine’s!

Roses, jewellery and a table for two are all well and good… but me-time is a girl’s best friend! This Valentine’s Day, I’m planning a date with myself!

Whether you are single or in a couple, your relationship with yourself is life-long. My favourite gifts from my husband are always ones that show he values my interests and hobbies – i.e. SEWING! For Christmas he gave me fabric gift certificates for each month from January until June, which means that even if I start pinching pennies, I’ll have something fun to spend on myself. That’s the kind of gift that brings me joy!

I asked on Instagram, and it seems like many of you agree!

I’d like to note that Cali Fabric owner Ron picked “date”, so I hope he takes his wife somewhere nice tonight! 😉

So, here are my plans for my Sewing Date with Myself:

Dress to Impress (Yourself)

Have you, like me, just sewn something totally unseasonable? Wear it inside to sew! I loved this Liverpool floral crepe as soon as I saw it, but it definitely reads more summer than “depths of Canadian winter” to me! It’s sold out right now, but ooooh, look at the other Liverpool options from Cali Fabrics!

I *love* sewing with Liverpool knits, because they are firm enough to skim over curves and give some structure, but still totally stretchy and comfy. I couldn’t resist this Burda Plus pattern, which perfectly combines sex appeal and bra coverage! I feel sassy in this dress, which is the perfect mood for sewing something fun!

Wine and Dine

Or at least have snacks! For me, it’s candy and juice, but you could have something fancier if you want. After all, there is no point emerging from your sewing date exhausted and hangry!

Sew What You Love

My happy place is sewing simple knits – I love the whir of the machine and the joy of whipping up something fast and easy. Maybe you love sewing lingerie or button-ups or skirts… but whatever you sew, I think it should be something you’ll feel great wearing! This time is a gift to yourself, and you deserve to feel and look great in your clothes. Make something that will put a spring in your step!

Share with your Sewing Friends

What would a sewing session be without an Instagram post to share the fun times with your sewing friends? Since 82% of us would want to join you, you might as well brag. Or better yet, have some local sewing friends over to hang out together! If you are reading a blog like this, then I’m hoping you agree that the friendship, encouragement and support of the sewing community makes our solo hobby even better!

Because You Are Worth It

Valentine’s culture has a way of making us feel like we are only worthwhile if we a) are in a relationship and b) our partner lavishes us with romantic gestures. It’s like we are all back in junior high desperately waiting to see if anyone sent us a candygram! I prefer to sidestep all those expectations, and celebrate myself with joy. We are talented, smart, creative people, and we are worth it. If you want a fancy date and flowers, you deserve those too – any day of the year, and not just on Valentine’s!

How are you spending Valentine’s this year? I hope whatever you do is lots of fun – from ignoring it to dressing up, from a date with yourself to a romantic table for two!

Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow

Hi! My name is Gillian, and I love to sew! I blog at and I run the Sewcialists.

I’ve enjoyed sewing since I was a kid, but when I started sewing clothes in 2012, it became a bit of an obsession. I’m all about wearable, comfy everyday clothes – and my wardrobe is overflowing! I’ve pulled all the colours that I love wearing into my personal colour palette, which keeps me inspired and my fabric shopping on track. I’ve ordered from Cali Fabric for years, and I’m so excited to be able to join their blogger team!

I live in Ontario (Canada) with my nerdy and awesome husband and our two cats. I’m a teacher by day, and fabric hoarder by night!

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4 thoughts on “Plan a Sewing Date this Valentine’s!”

    1. THIS DRESS IS SO YOU! You are going to rock it. I should mention that I raised the neckline in the front by maybe an inch… I don’t have the kind of cleavage that touches, so if the neckline was deeper on me then half my bra would show as people looked down into the void. I doubt that’s an issue for you, but just FYI! 😉

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