Ranchero Rayon Chambray Dress

I am so excited to have joined the Califabrics Blog, and to share all of the fabulous things I make with their fabric! If you haven’t seen me or my blog, I’m Tori, and I write at The Doing Things Blog. I started sewing around 3 years ago, and I have loved it ever since then!

Today I am sharing a dress I made out of this chambray fabric (almost sold out but this is the same fabric in a darker blue). I used McCall’s pattern M7530 for this dress. The fabric is very lightweight and just a little sheer, so I decided to do version D of the pattern with a lining in the bodice and skirt. I used a white, light cotton fabric for the lining. I definitely could have gone without the lining and just wore a slip underneath, but I had never done a lining before and figured it would be good experience.

This fabric is really pretty and has fabulous drape. It does wrinkle pretty easily, but it’s a woven, so that’s to be expected. I ironed the skirt before taking these pictures and you can sort of see the wrinkles from me sitting in the car. If I were to do this project over, I might try using a Tricot Fusible interfacing (instead of the lining) to help stabilize the fabric a little better before sewing it together, since it’s pretty shifty.

This fabric is like most rayons, but it has a looser weave, so I had to be very careful not to snag the fabric (thankfully I didn’t have to do any unpicking!). As you can tell, it has really great drape and would make such a beautiful flowy skirt! It probably would have been more flattering if I had made it without the lining (the neckline would lay a little nicer for sure).

Overall I think this fabric would work really well for skirts, or maybe even a swing dress since it has such great drape.

Funny fact: The reason I’m laughing in the picture on the right is because my ten month old was growling at me! He’s going to be a lion for Halloween and his grandma and dad have been teaching him to growl. Haha!

Happy sewing!!

Tori Hall, from The Doing Things Blog

Sewing blogger at The Doing Things Blog, #sewingtall, and living in Cali with my husband and son.

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