Ready for Fall

It’s definitely getting cooler here in Canada… as I type this, I’m sitting under a wool blanket and quilt! That means it’s time to put away the sundresses and cosy up in layers.

Durango Tank and Blackwood Cardigan

This fall, I decided to use my Cali fabrics to add some trendy colours from the Fall Pantone Palette to my fall wardrobe. I haven’t worn this dusty pink or soft burgundy for years, but suddenly they feel chic and flattering!

Durango Tank and Blackwood Cardigan

The cardigan is a made from a luscious rayon sweater knit. It sewed beautifully, and has the perfect drape. It feels like a high-end fabric to me! This colour seems to be sold out, but Cali carries it in grey, black,  and a gorgeous olive green. I was also really tempted by this burnt orange sweater knit – I think it would also work beautifully for any sweater or cardigan pattern!

Durango Tank and Blackwood Cardigan

For my cardigan, I chose the Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan. As a bonus, it turns out the pattern is on sale this week! Buy it now for 15% off!

I was a tester for the Blackwood Cardigan back in the winter, and I wear my previous versions all the time. I like how all the edges are finished with folded bands – it means this is a perfect project if you don’t have a serger or coverstitch machine. I decided to change things on the fly though, and add a wide single-layer rectangle to my front neckline instead, giving it more drape.

And what’s that lurking underneath? It’s another Cali Fabrics project!

Durango Tank and Blackwood Cardigan

This is the new, FREE Durango tank from Hey June. I’ve sewn more than 10 versions of the Santa Fe tank/tee that Hey June released last year, so I was pretty sure I’d like this one too! Durango is modelled after the shape of refashioned band shirts, with a high neckline and slight ease over the waist and hips. I ended up shortening it 1″ at the waist and 1″ at the high bust to get my perfect fit.

Like my last project, I’m using double brushed poly again for this tank! I like the combination of drape and soft fuzzy texture, with good stretch in all directions. It took me forever to narrow down which print to buy!

Durango Tank and Blackwood Cardigan

With such a simple shape, I wanted to add some interest in the back. I dug this rayon stripe out of my stash, and colour-blocked it in a chevron shape. My stripe-matching isn’t perfect, but from afar I really like the effect!

Durango Tank and Blackwood Cardigan

Next up I’ll be combining these new projects into a mini-capsule wardrobe based on the Pantone colours for Fall 2017. The burgundy and pale pink of the flowers fit well into the palette, as do the grey and warm brown “buttercream” colour in this print! If I’m stretching it, there’s some blue, too!


For my capsule, I’ll be combining some older projects with these new ones, with some RTW thrown in… because who has time to sew an entire capsule every season? I think it’s much more realistic to add in just a few new things that incorporate new trends, colours or styles. I can’t wait to show you my whole capsule next time!

For now: When does your fall season start, and do you dread it or love it? 


Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow

Hi! My name is Gillian, and I love to sew! I blog at and I run the Sewcialists.

I’ve enjoyed sewing since I was a kid, but when I started sewing clothes in 2012, it became a bit of an obsession. I’m all about wearable, comfy everyday clothes – and my wardrobe is overflowing! I’ve pulled all the colours that I love wearing into my personal colour palette, which keeps me inspired and my fabric shopping on track. I’ve ordered from Cali Fabric for years, and I’m so excited to be able to join their blogger team!

I live in Ontario (Canada) with my nerdy and awesome husband and our two cats. I’m a teacher by day, and fabric hoarder by night!

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8 thoughts on “Ready for Fall”

  1. The double brushed poly is a dream! It is soooooo soft! I bought many yards of the navy with pink flowers and the black with red roses at the store on Saturday. It’s all on sale for 40% off in the store (same price as on line with the discounts). I haven’t decided what to make yet. I want to wrap myself up in it, it’s so soft and feels heavenly. I’m going back on Tuesday to buy more. Thanks for sharing your tops and leggings with us, and for highlighting this amazing fabric, Gillian!

  2. Oomygoodness!!!! I love the Chevron surprise in the back!!!! Seriously, it goes well great with the floral. I love seeing print combinations like this. The fit is great too!

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