Hi, I’m Ron!

brick walHi!  I’m Ron, and I’m the editor here at Cali & Co.  I am also the owner of Cali Fabrics.

My fabric story begins before I was even born.  After serving in the US Navy, my grandfather (also named Ron) took a job at a fabric store in Bakersfield, CA.   Many years and lots of hard work later (including a stint as the EVP of a large chain of fabric shops in California), he decided to open his own shop.  That shop became the Fabric Outlet of San Francisco.

Where do I come into the picture then?  My mother has been heavily involved in the store from the start (she’s now the owner),  so I was raised in the aisles of our fabric store.  My sister and I used to play hide and seek under the tables after the store closed.  In my teenage years, I started going on purchasing trips with my mom and grandfather.

Little Ronnie
A gratuitous picture of me as a kid

These started out as a way to make summer cash, but over the years, I learned more and more about fabric, and about the running of a store. After college, where I worked as a graphic designer, I discussed with my mom the possibility of opening an online fabric shop, as an extension of the San Francisco store. This was what would become Cali Fabrics.
Now, five years later, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been the sole designer, cutter, and customer service representative for Cali Fabrics since its launch, but this year I have my first part-time helper (yay!). This frees a tiny bit of my time up, which is where this blog comes in! I’ve sifted through an amazing amount of applicants, contacted some of my favorite bloggers, and have put together a team of contributors that I think will make this a blog unlike any other.

While, of course, our fabrics are at the heart of this blog, I don’t want this to be just another store blog. I want it to get a little messy. I want to cheer your triumphs and laugh sympathetically at your failures (We all have them). I want it to be a fun experience for the bloggers and the readers alike. I want it to be a place where people can learn about sewing and be inspired by our amazing lineup of writers. Family is at the heart of Cali Fabrics, and that is what I want this blog to be- An encouraging, fun, supportive, sarcastic, sincere, diverse, imperfect, and authentic family.

Most of my part on the blog is going to be behind-the-scenes stuff, but from time to time, I’ll chime in and introduce some new fabrics that I’m particularly excited about, or maybe highlight some blog-exclusive deal or coupon. And who knows, maybe I’ll blog about my own sewing misadventures from time-to-time.

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Ron C, Cali Fabrics Owner

Hi, I'm Ron! I was raised in a fabric store, and grew up obsessed with design. When I decided to meld my family's business with my passion for the web, Cali Fabrics was born! I love being part of a small business, and all the hats I get to wear as part of the job (fabric cutter, customer service guru, and now, blog editor). I'm passionate about fabrics, design, and small business.

When I'm not obsessing over Califabrics.com, you can find me at home with my wife and our small menagerie (A German Shepherd, a Rottweiler, and 3 cats), or roaming around Disneyland, trying to get the most out of our annual passes.

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5 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Ron!”

    1. Thanks so much! I’m excited too! We’ve got some really talented bloggers, and tons of really great posts lined up for this month.

  1. I’ve made several purchases from Cali Fabrics over the last couple of years and I’ve been very happy with every one of them. And the couple of times I’ve had to contact customer support, your response was quick and friendly and you immediately resolved my issues.

    I’m excited about this blog and I’ve already added it to my Old Reader account! I considered applying when I saw the call, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to commit to what you needed. But I’m so happy to see some of my favorite bloggers on here and to meet many more I’d never seen before!

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