Spring-Ready Skirt

M7906 C Angled

Hello, Cali Fabric fans! I don’t know about you, but I am anxiously awaiting spring. The calendar may say it is spring, but I am waiting for the green to come back in my life. That may be why I have been gravitating towards green fabrics as of late. This skirt is no exception to that. The fabric is a solid forest green midweight cotton twill. It has a pretty good weight to it that it works well for a fuller skirt with some shaping, but it isn’t super stiff that it just sticks out. It holds the pleats in this pattern really nicely.

M7906 C front 2

So what pattern is this, you ask? Well, it is the recently released McCall’s 7906. I very rarely sew up a newly released pattern this quickly. There was just something about this skirt and its utilitarian style that I told myself I had to have it for spring and here we are. The pattern has 4 different length views and I made view C. Technically, views C and D are the same lengths but view D has wider carriers and a self-made belt/sash.  Views C and D are a tea length, hitting about midway down my calf. This is not a typical length for me. In fact, I don’t think I have ever made anything this length. Why? Who knows, it’s actually fabulous!

There are some great subtle details that make a world of difference in this skirt. In the picture on the left, you can see the pleats and how they have topstitching around them. It helps to keep the pleats supported on that fitted higher waistline. There are also 4 belt carriers, two in the front and two on the back like this. I actually added an additional one at each side seam. The picture on the right is more of my own fun detail than anything. I really like to use a contrasting serger thread if I don’t have an exact color match. I am the only one who can see this detail, but it makes it more fun for me. For this green, I chose a gold thread to go with my gold buttons.

M7906 C button

One of the main features is the buttons down the front. I felt this was a place to really make this skirt pop, so I opted for a contrasting button. These buttons also came from Cali Fabrics. I ordered one of the mixed bags of buttons in metallics and found these in it. There were actually three sets in the bag that I liked for this skirt. I left it up to the Instagram world to which ones I should use and these gold were the winner.

On a side note, I purchased the buttons because Ron shared a story on the Cali Fabrics Facebook Group about his grandfather purchasing a massive amount of them and how he would bag them up as a kid. I knew I had to get them! The bag comes with a pretty decent amount stuffed in it. I was and still am planning to use them for a different project that I will be sharing later too.

M7906 C back

I really love this skirt. It definitely fills a wardrobe hole for me. It is basic enough that I can wear it styled with a graphic tee, like I did here, for a more casual look. Or I can pair it with a blouse and jacket for a more work appropriate look. I really like where it hits on the waist so that I can change it up with different belt options too. This forest green is almost a neutral color that I think I could pair it with so many other colorful pieces and pull it off.

M7906 C front

Have you tried this skirt yet? You should. I think I want to make another one in the shorter view A version. There are some more fantastic colors of this cotton twill available too. For the shorter version, I am thinking of using this burnt orange twill and pairing it with some tights and a turtleneck for fall. Is it too early to start planning my fall clothes since I am still waiting on spring? How about this gorgeous navy blue twill for a knee length 4th of July version? Wouldn’t it be an amazing skirt to pair with a navy and white horizontal striped top?

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  1. Your skirt turned out super cute! I have this pattern and now want to make it sooner than I had planned.

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