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I know that some of you may be planning your fall sewing ( great for you but…. I’m not going to join your party just yet…)  but for those of you….who, like myself will have to be dragged into fall kicking and screaming, I thought I’d share my new swim suit and beach bag with you.

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Good quality swim and athletic fabrics are hard to find and so I knew I wanted to try one of Cali Fabrics swim options. This aqua, teal, mint and pink diagonal stripe mid-weight nylon/Lycra caught my eye with its pretty colors. Gillian called it  “ice creamy and summery”. I like ice cream and I like summer….

creating in the gap

  Cali Fabrics called it mid-weight and it is exactly that. I was pretty excited when it arrived and I could see that it was perfect for my swimsuit. Such nice quality.

I decided not to risk ruining a lovely piece of fabric and choose to make a swimsuit I had made before. The top is McCalls 7168 and the bottoms are my own self drafted high waist bikini pattern.

beach bag (2)

The beach bag was an idea that came when I stumbled across Cali Fabrics oilcloth offerings. I hadn’t sewn with oilcloth and when I saw this pretty print that matched my new swimsuit…well, of course I needed a new beach bag.

It was surprisingly easy to sew with but I would suggest using a Teflon presser foot to help it glide through your machine. I don’t have a Teflon foot but I did have a can of silicon spray. I gave the oilcloth a very light spray before I top stitched and it glided right through perfectly!

The pattern for the beach bag is based off of one I have already…I just measured it up and replicated it. Fairly simple and there are many tutorials for them online. I think I have enough leftover to make a zippered pouch for my wet bathing suit.

striped bikini 5

I know I can’t be the only one clinging  to summer. Anyone else still sewing for summer?


Margo B, from Creating in the Gap

Margo is a fabric addict and pattern hoarder extraordinaire, and attempts to justify it all on her blog, Creating In The Gap.

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12 thoughts on “Still Summer”

  1. Gorgeous Margo! I love the suit and the bag. I’m with you too – still doing some summer sewing over here. 😉

    1. Thanks Heather! Here in Canada, we have to hang, white knuckled, to every summer day we have!

  2. Super swimsuit, you look great in and the colours in the fabric are perfect for summer. Lovely bag too.

    1. Thank you Lynsey, the fabric was very nice to work with and making swimsuits is so satisfying!

  3. Way to many things still left on my summer sewing list. The weather is already getting cool here in the mornings though, so it’s starting to seem like some may need to wait for next summer! 😳

    1. I’m holding out for a warm September… June owes us but I may have to give in and so the same!

  4. I was away when this post came out and couldn’t comment – but hot damn, lady, you look great! I love that you’ve become a pro at posing for bathing suit pictures, and that suit is so fun and fresh!

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